Elementary Music Education Observation Essay

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Your class I observed is a class 5 music class for Bellewood Open public School with 25 college students, the teacher is Mister. Bestien. Mr. Bestien largely conduct his class within a question and answer format, where he requests the class something and let the course figure out the answer.

The class I observed had been taught to experience Irish Washerwoman on a recorder in this lesson. Mr. Bestian asks the students to analyze the piece before letting them perform; he asked the class When looking at music, what should be your first priority? which leads to the fresh concept of 6-8 time. The teacher got the students clap the beat while checking the sounds out loud so when students ultimately lost track of where they are, as the piece is all 8th remarks, so this individual asked the students what they can easily do to keep track of the is better than. One pupil suggested that they may count and clap conquer 1 and 4 extra loud, which then the tutor suggested the students to clap the rhythms again and stomp all their feet in beat one particular and some.

Then the course revised the idea of pick up remarks. After that, the teacher asked the class what is the key in the piece, revised on how to determine the key by looking at the crucial signature. The piece being taught is in Farrenheit major therefore the class likewise did a revision on the fingering to get B toned on the recorder, the instructor then have the students to cross verify each other’s fingerings. It seems to me that Mr.

Bestien is establishing more of a solving problems lesson prepare, as he asked the students a whole lot of questions to get them think about the piece that they are about to find out. He is very observant regarding the weakness of the pupils, hence surely could ask various other students might be the solution for the challenge. There were other tricks that Mr. Bestien used in your class. When the course is not as engaged as they should be, he made the students operate and sit down several times to get their blood to circulate better.

He also taught the students a trick to remember the fingerings to get notes with sharps, that we think would be very helpful, since as a grown up even Becca and I did not know about that. The trick is perfect for example we want to play top marks sharp, all of us first pay the fingerings for A (left thumb, index, and middle), then set two even more fingers (left 4th, and right index) down immediately below the lowest finger for the, than eliminate the middle ring finger from the gap, and that would become an A sharp which is enharmonic to B smooth.

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