Existing relationship between attitudes and motivations of high achieving students ...

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This study generally identified the various attitudes and motivations an excellent source of achieving students of Captain Albert Aguilar Countrywide High School. Especially, this analysis identified (1) the significance of attitudes and motivations to students exclusively those possess high level of achievement to their educational success in science plus the importance f the study towards the school, teachers and learners, (2) the percentage of the learners that have large interest towards science and those have a low interest rate to learn scientific research, (3) the partnership between the perceptions and inspirations of high attaining students with their academic achievement in research while engage in a general public high school.

To execute this kind of, the research workers applied Descriptive Research which falls underneath the category of a Non-experimental design and style. A total of 44 respondents were chosen with the use of Purposive Sampling while guided by qualifications set. Self-Recording/Reporting Strategy was used to get the data while using utilization of a questionnaire.

To explain and described the data, Inferential Statistics was used. The weighed mean was computed to make use of for the Pearson Product-Moment correlation to measure the relationship between attitudes and motivations an excellent source of achieving college students and their academics success in science. The average or marked relationship had identified the two variables from this research. It has a moderate relationship that shows students will be motivated enough and versus have a great academic success.

3) What are the significances of the research workers study? The numerous of the researchers study is always to widen student’s intelligence quotient with the co-operation of the community, school, and teaching career and to measure the thinking capability of a high school students that stands as a basic building blocks of success with no successfully passing individual exams. The professors should give emphasis on innovative approach in mastering since this can be where the pupils could portrayed themselves when it comes to creativity & critical mindedness relative to the subject matter.

The college heads will need to intensify the monitoring on the implementation of the DepEd’s programs, designed to improve the student’s overall performance. The students must be encouraged to produce a good research habits so that they could also conduct better inside the subject. Experts also recommend the overviews of the Equipment for Educating by Barbara Gross Davis. Give repeated, early, positive feedback that supports student’s beliefs they can do well.

Assure opportunities for student’s success by assigning tasks that are neither as well easy nor too difficult. Help student’s find personal meaning and value in the material. Produce an ambiance that is available and positive. Help learners feel that they are really valued associates of learning community. (Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco, 1993)

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