Critical Reflection and Leadership in Identity Making Essay

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“Vision is the key to understanding leadership” (Haslam, Reicher, & Platow, 2011).

I’ve spent many years trying to steer clear of positions of authority and leadership tasks, bedside breastfeeding was a best escape. This paper will show that we are all born leaders and to arrive at those concealed leadership skills is to engage in self-awareness, self-reflection, and acquire a higher education to understand how to apply them (Lowney, 2003). Essential Reflection and Leadership in Identity Making “Vision is key to understanding leadership” (Haslam, Reicher, & Platow, 2011). I have spent many years aiming to avoid positions of authority and command roles, bedroom nursing was obviously a perfect avoid. Over the years, I have worked just about any aspect of breastfeeding, except management.

I found interactions to be a single sided, generally leaving the staff feeling we were holding guilty until proven blameless. I have had some exceptional “Nurse Managers but , the majority of were ineffective, selfish, and unappealing. This did not inspire myself to become a leader.

Becoming the Intensive Treatment Units’ “Unit Based Educator” made me recognize that the only way to achieve my eye-sight to make a big difference, was through education geared toward leadership. Relating to Lowney (2003), the insight into being a leader is through self-reflection. (Valli, 1999) interjects this theory in to five types of reflection, further leading us in a deeper self-awareness. The browsing that acquired the most influence on me recently would have to end up being critical expression.

To me, important reflection is interchangeable with critical pondering. I am bombarded with information that requiring immediately decisions. Through the use of Critical considering, I generate decisions from past activities, information at hand, and the effects my decisions will have today and the future.

On the other hand, important reflection, much more of a process that allows all of us to issue past experience, then consider, reassess and analyze those experiences prior to applying those to the current condition. The information presented in this week’s study has already impacted my personal leadership style. I have utilized critical reflection to make more informed decisions, and becoming better educated, I am less reactionary. Being reflecting has allowed myself to be even more insightful about how destructive, self- deception has been around my personally, socially, in addition to my function.

I no more say “I cannot”, rather; I assessment the situation, reflect on alternatives, make a decision. Certainly with Lowney (2003) all of us are born leaders and to be able to those invisible leadership abilities is to engage in self-awareness, self-reflection, and achieve a higher education to learn how to apply them. I thought that I acquired escaped the claws of leadership simply by becoming a teacher, another self-deceptive thought.

This program has taught me the Educator has got the most influential leadership location. Being an Educator is my own motivation to learning how to be that appear, moral head I want to end up being.

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