Culture and God’s Words Essay

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  • Published: 12.31.19
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The Bible has long been teaching persons about the significance and importance of life. For thousands of years, the Scriptures has been sturdy in its advocation on doing what is best for the life of humanity and other living creatures in the world. However , while human beings electricity costs new ways of life and new ways of doing things, cultures was born, and sometimes, these cultures are not in complimentary to God’s words as written in the Holy book.

With the associated with industrialization, technological era as well as the world wide cable connections and globalization, people tend to acquire not just ways of performing things easier but also of making your life easier to ruin. People did not remember the original communication of God and continued doing issues that belittle life in all its forms. In respect to Toynbee and Ikeda (2008), the 20th 100 years has been a incredibly devastating age in human history. This is because of the many untold miseries that human beings have faced for sticking with culture for the extreme. Take for instance the traditions of globalization that is today a worldwide sensation.

Globalization relating to Gunton (2004) is simply the beginning of boundaries to information, market, labor and the like. The positive effect gave people the power to possess a global town, enabling distinct countries for connecting freely with one another. Despite the benefit of this tradition of openness, globalization has additionally brought so much sufferings especially to the the indegent who were the topic for labor violations, elegance and all types of violence which can be forbidden in the Bible. The culture of openness and limitless gain access to brought about by the positive effect has also developed threat to human secureness as noticed in the Sept. 2010 11 event in the United States of America.

This situatio according to Corson and Pearcey (2004) negates the value of life as highlighted in the Holy book. Technological advancements in the furthermore, also offered as a catalyst for a much wider size of devastation. Culture and God’s words and phrases oftentimes will not match, but it is up to individuals to make a stability on their commitment to worth life and adhere to tradition.

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