Corrupt Societies Essay

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  • Published: 08.26.19
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In today’s society I find that a lot of people have become materialistic. It’s a brand new coach bag, the brand new cellphone from Verizon or a plasma screen TV SET that is the hype and everyone would like.

Either way an individual is to look at that, society is dependent on who has what. There is an emphasis on a person’s position in their society and it is extremely important. I always notice my manager saying “it’s all about the Benjamin’s! ” and he’s right. Not a day passes that a person doesn’t considercarefully what they want to acquire next. Performs this make us bad people?

Have we all succumbed to a great unconscious usual that is every materialistic? What is it to be materialistic? The Webster definition is that a person is concerned with material riches and belongings at the expenditure of spiritual or intellectual values.

I realize it as being a person that would like something a whole lot that they might stop at nothing to have it whether it be by means of purchasing, stealing or cheating somebody else out of it. It’s about judging a book simply by its cover and not taking a look at the big photo of your life and the community around all of us. When my friend was younger, things that were sought after were high diplomas and bachelor degree. At this point as I increase up it’s a master’s degree plus the BMW that we may drive that gives me a status in society.

There are so many times when things are taken for granted and a few people find nothing wrong with this. How can a person embark on in life just wondering about if they can have that brand new car or mobile phone? Do the issues we have define who we could as a person?

I feel that every society is usually corrupt in its own way. It’s the individuals, the government, the morals, values and each of our adaptive life style. This is not just in imagination books however in our real world as well. When I see how things have transformed from when I was small I speculate how all this could have occurred.

I remember the first computer system I at any time got around me and when I compare this to my own laptop, it’s almost one eighth of what my own whole computer used to always be. But it’s not just the technology which includes changed. Our perception worldwide, the position we play in this and how that role is promoting.

Attitudes possess changed and there is a difference between how people relate to each other.

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