A Knight’s Tale Essay

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One crucial character inside the film ‘A knight’s tale’ directed by simply Brian Helgeland is William Thatcher. Bill helped me be familiar with idea of next your dreams. William dreams of one day becoming a knight. This individual grew up within a place named Cheapside London, uk with his father John Thatcher until having been sent apart to help Sir Ector.

Sir Ector said that he previously a heart. When Friend Ector passed away, William thought that all he may ‘change his stars’ at that time so he jousted in the place. Then he decided that with some teaching he could win cash to give food to all his friends. When he did this he followed his think of becoming a Knight.

One Image technique used to aid me see that William is important is ‘close up’. Brian uses a close up in the 1st joust when William says ‘I possess waited my own whole life with this moment’. This kind of shows me that he features followed his dreams and he is doing what this individual has wanted to do his whole life.

Method used in this kind of film is lighting. This technique is effective to exhibit he is an essential character because he is never inside the shadows. Bill is always dressed in light apparel and has fair curly hair giving the impression that he was a good person, unlike Adhemar who always used darker outfits and was more inside the shadows than William.

A good example of this is when Bill was in the jail space and Adhemar walked in, William was standing in the sole light in the room and Adhemar was in the shadows. In conclusion, the character of William Thatcher was significant because he instructs us to adhere to our dreams no matter how big they are which anything may be possible. The techniques that helped me to understand this kind of idea were ‘lighting’ and ‘close up’s’.

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