Advantages and disadvantages to have a car Essay

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  • Published: 10.29.19
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Vehicles are today something helpful for society. However there are countless advantages and disadvantages when owning a car. In my opinion and one of the advantages is that you can move about freely as you can decide the spot you can visit so when to go.

Furthermore you do not waste time waiting for buses or according to timetables. Additional advantage is that it does not have you so very long to go to diverse places. However, they are wrecking and they are risky because a large amount of people are descabezado when driving as they beverage or drive dangerously or perhaps speed. Various other disadvantage is they are very pricey. Not only to get them but also to keep them.

Petrol is additionally expensive plus the maintanance. To summarize, cars are good invention but they are not playthings and you have to become responsible as you drive and of course you must have money!. Advantages and disadvantages to get a car Cars are today something useful pertaining to society. However there are a lot of pros and cons when having a car.

For me and a benefit is that you are able to move around freely because you can make a decision the place you can travel to and when to look. Furthermore you do not waste time looking forward to buses or perhaps depending on timetables. Other advantage is that will not take you so long to visit different locations.

On the other hand, they are polluting and they are dangerous as a lot of folks are irresponsable when driving because they drink or drive precariously or speed. Other disadvantage is that they are incredibly expensive. Not just in buy them yet also to keep them.

Gas is also pricey and the maintanance. In conclusion, cars are good invention but they are certainly not toys and you have to be dependable when you drive and of course you’ll want money!

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