Counselors as Companions and Ethics in Human Services Essay

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1 ) Every person we all come into contact with each and every day is able to teach us something about lifestyle.

You just have to likely be operational to learning. This particular counselor who was brought to Steve for whatever cosmic reason, although left the encounter more knowledgeable about a persons condition than when in the beginning introduced. At first and without knowing any background on Dorrie the counselor could have merely chalked Charlie up as a particular needs college student who absolutely not was going to be successful being away from home. The councilor however took time out and also to know his student and found all the triumphs that he had been confronted with and had overcome throughout the years.

The counselor was able to determine that this pupil was in no way going to quit and fall between the fractures due to a series of unfortunate events. Every kid I come in contact with on a daily basis has their own tale, many of which can be heart wrenching or unnerving, but yet a large number of persevere and definitely will become successful members of society mainly because someone on the way has revealed that they proper care. 2 . Dorrie was able to benefit just as much since the counselor through this kind of interaction.

He was able to persevere and complete his education. Everything Steve needed was on the table to likewise see the end of the tube as well as he saw it. Having someone on the same page and in a position to stand with you through your desired goals is beneficial to all or any those engaged not just the only individual while using goal. I do think the biggest drive anyone could ever get has someone who will not know you say you can’t do that; it provides all the more inspiration to show them wrong.

According to the Nationwide Organization of Human Providers (NOHS), a code of ethics is definitely an precise statement in the values, concepts, and the rules of a profession, regulating the conduct of its members (Barker, 2001, p. 84) There are two statements present in the NOHS though that best sum up this code and help to make it applicable to the discipline in which I am at present surrounded by. ASSERTION 45 Individual service teachers demonstrate complete commitment for their appointed tasks, and are enthusiastic about and encouraging of students’ learning. STATEMENT 46 Human assistance educators model the personal qualities, values and skills from the human support professional, which includes but not limited to, the readiness to seek and respond to responses from learners.

In examining Steve’s quest on the Hero’s Path there exists an identifiable moment that relates to my personal current placement that I have been witness to and assisted with. As being a guidance admin for a general public school I possess seen gentleman types of students walk through the door. Each of our most recent college students who have appear in search of a chance to blend in with a traditional student body are two students whom found themselves being close friends despite every other’s complicated issues.

One is an heavy 16 yr old and suffers from Prader-Willi Problem and sneaks food from your cafeteria when opportunity permits. The various other a seventeen year old was created with incoherence of the oral cavity and hands. Both are part of our special education system.

Because of their facing outward appearances, both are shunned by the other pupil, which has experienced very little influence on them. To assist them through this effort of blending in our Administrative Reference Teacher, who may be popular and liked by the student body due to her understanding and useful nature provides essentially deputized these two during our most popular lunch period. In order to keep the kid with Prader-Willi from thieving uneaten food and his good friend from robbing anything to get him, they eat their very own lunch then when they are completed, are placed in crime observe patrol throughout the perimeter from the school, with the ART.

Your child with Prader-Willi gets workout and this removes him from tempting treats put aside by students such as dairy and chips. Both also get the fulfillment of knowing that despite their abnormalities they are regular students. During pep devices when the enthusiastic student person is a little mind-boggling, these pupils also be aware that my office is a safe home for them.

They know that they must will work alphabetizing or organizing nevertheless they each have a task. I’ve heard many of our facilitators repeat this expressing time and time again you need to know our students, in order to teacher them, the same applies in just about any interaction with them. College students don’t simply learn inside the four wall surfaces of a classroom, they learn in every sort of environment. Should you make that environment one out of which they are comfortable pupils will come back time after time to seek your advice and style attributes that they found and still have seen shown.

References Halstead, Richard A. (2000, January). From disaster to succeed: counselor as companion within the hero’s trip. Counseling & Values, 44(2), 100.

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