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This assignment has to the students of Diploma in School Management study course conducted by Centre intended for Open Learning (COL), The Maldives National University about the several management functions with its assumptive concepts. This kind of assignment talks about the relationship among the four management functions setting out the importance of management functions in the university system and concludes with useful and appropriate aides.

I make use of this opportunity to give thanks to our coordinators for their kind cooperation helping given to all of us throughout this system. The 4 main features of administration comprised of the subsequent categories; planning, organizing, leading and handling, yet the sights of some of the educationists and management builders are for some reason dissimilar adding the conditions like analyzing, staffing and coordinating and so forth There are likely relationships among the list of four managing functions and reasons as the importance in every organization and the education program in every nation. This project covers a view of all all those relationships and its importance in a school system of a country.

The four administration functions are as follows. Administration analyzes external and internal factors that do and may affect the company, plus the objectives and goals, during planning. Planning is a continuous process that external elements constantly impact the school or organization equally positively and negatively. In a few situations, these types of external factors may cause the corporation to set the road of action in reaching the organizational desired goals.

The coordination of staff and topics, necessary preparations to carry out the student related activities both curricular and co-curricular, the easiest method to handle the required duties, some expenditures details within the university or organization. Management will divide up the duties that really must be done, determine appropriate departments, and assign power and authority, likewise the responsibilities in the firm, or in the teaching and learning procedure for a school. Managers and middle section managers associated with an organization or perhaps the heads of school and leading teachers in an educational corporation tend to organized their concentrate to inspire the educators and other personnel, as well as pupils and the parent community.

Offered up with reward and mindset activities and programs depending on job functionality and work hard towards the fulfillment of their staff and educators. In order to develop the teaching and learning process or maintain a creative working environment, the effective connection is essential as it helps to develop a positive marriage solving the problems and changing the negative attitudes in the teachers and staff to positive. Interaction also helps the educators to know what they are performing right and wrong. Controlling establish the organizational targets and criteria measuring using the performance of both pupils and staff or teachers.

The managing process can be an ongoing method with other 3 management features in every firm. Management is additionally able to determine any developing problems that should be addressed through corrective actions. Anticipate redundancy Importance of management functions in a school program executed Every single function with separate is definitely integrally related and implements to main organizational desired goals. The above shows the five main supervision functions of school heads: organizing, organizing, directing, and handling all areas of any corporation or a university life.

Even though occur in sequence, in fact each function is a continuous process. This information reveals the close romantic relationship between the four functions and is important to the school heads and principals pertaining to the training and support to improve the supervision capabilities that assist the school to develop its brilliance with the instructional leadership of the principals or heads. contigency

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