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Education has been a key point in my life and it has exposed me opportunities to many distinct experiences. Thanks to education I possess had the chance to choose what I wanted to do in my life and decide wherever I wanted to live. Education features given me personally more freedom to make decisions.

Avenirse said that education should be obligatory for everyone mainly because is the just way to develop a just society (The Republic). The writer defended that education is a process that enables man to be aware of the existence of another truth (Allegory in the Cave). Certainly with Plato that there is an additional reality.

I believe there are many realities as there are many perspectives worldwide. However , I think that understanding is too little to understand the other facts and it is required the experience to appreciate that there are more things behind each of our reality. I believe, knowledge allows me to make my decisions with freedom nevertheless I are able to understand the other realities through encounter. Although philosophers insist that education may be the process of learning different principles and abilities required to figure out another reality, I will argue that experience features played a much more important role in my education compared to the knowledge discovered from other folks.

In addition , I believe that education’s role must be helping those to choose readily rather than designing a just society. In my opinion, education and flexibility are two very related aspects. We don’t figure out education devoid of freedom and vice versa. Basically don’t have the freedom to analyze what I want I will be unable to make my own, personal decisions in the foreseeable future. My academic background were only available in Spain exactly where I managed to graduate from high school graduation and I began studying Business Administration in college.

The training that I received from school and family allowed me to choose that I planned to study within place in in an attempt to have fresh experiences and learn different things. I had an exchange program to get 6 months in Vancouver. The business concepts discovered in Canada had been very similar through the ones which i learned in Spain. However , my personal experience residing in a new region with a diverse cultures and people was a step forward in my education. I didn’t learn new things in my level, but I learned tips on how to look the world from an additional perspective.

My experience allowed me to find the things diverse, to see another reality. I discovered the sport university world as well as the opportunities that this offers pertaining to athletes. When I came back to Spain via my exchange program, a lot of universities offered me the chance to play for soccer team and study my degree with a scholarship.

I decided to come to Winthrop and luckily I will be here for the next 2 years studying Business Administration. My education has played a crucial role in my life because it has given me personally the freedom to create my own decisions and choose my upcoming. However , my personal education has become enriched even more by my own experiences in different places than by the knowledge learned. Examining Plato’s education system, distinct controversial suggestions raised in my opinion. The author asserted that education means learning mandatory domains such as music, gymnastics, and arithmetic, in order to understand and discover the real true (The Republic).

Although is education only the tranny and learning of concepts and concepts? What is the role of experience in education? In the event that education is definitely mandatory for everyone, is the education an element that limits my own freedom?

Examining what Socrates said in the Apology of Plato assist to do an exercise of self-examination and problem myself the things i really find out. My attitude toward formal education has changed because I actually realized just how many things researched before and i also cannot bear in mind now. We question myself if I’ve been learning in the most suitable way.

This individual also suggested that the target should be for the concept rather than the way all of us say the issues. Does it signify the way we all communicate the knowledge is not really important? Do I learn with all the same center with all the instructors? I agree with Plato that education needs to be based on the knowledge learned.

Yet , I believe this knowledge is not enough to understand the additional realities of the world. I need experience to be able to issue my reality and learn other perspectives of life. Devoid of experience I can imagine how the other facts could be but I cannot appreciate them.

If the prisoner with the cave moves outside and experiences an additional reality he can being knowledgeable through experience! Then, he can explain to the other prisoners what this individual saw, nevertheless the other criminals cannot understand them since they haven’t had similar experience. Once reading Bandeja I even though: Ah-ha! My own reality is not the only one accurate!

However , I do not agree with the way in which he proposed to educate the society. I’m not going to believe on something it has been enforced me to analyze. I think that education simply cannot limit my personal freedom and cannot be required for everyone.

Mentioning the Socrates words, I believe that the method we declare things can be as important as the idea. In my opinion communication has a very important role in education. Experience and knowledge are two concepts that go together when it comes to education. Knowledge makes me understand that there is no sole reality, and experience lets me know different different realities in the world. Philosophers argued that education is important for the society advancement but We added there is no development without freedom.

However , both Plato and Socrates made me change my attitude toward formal education because I actually realized that learning is not only gathering concepts. My decisions will be based on my familiarity with the things, but if I don’t know personally I will be unable to make the correct decisions. WC = 1 . 035 phrases Works Cited Page Avenirse. The Allegory of the Cave. The Human Encounter: Who Am I? Tapestry Press.

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