Community united states and minorities essay

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What do members of minority groupings gain and lose because they undergo a process of retention the process through which minorities slowly but surely adopt patterns of the major culture. As a minority you have and suffer the loss can be great or bad. Every traditions is different as we both know as a group you have to adjust to the best practice rules. As a community you gain certain things such as learning a new language although it could be very difficult, given the right for any better education, being freedom the right to perform what you you should.

You could lose traditional food classic behaviors, going out of family behind. However the normal. My spouse and i experience most of these situation once i came within a America as minority is was very difficult and a big change mainly because as I outdated I noticed and felt undesirable by most people living here you can tell by the negative stereotypes and splendour But these situation happened around the globe.

Once i came below I gained a do it yourself of independence going to school, working obtaining and points I wish for00, and heading anywhere My spouse and i felt like going.

In contrast. iving in my region as girl I don’t really have very much independence though I was young I understand, nevertheless most woman went to university but usually they home they avoid work the person pays the bills acquires everything required for the house. We left my loved ones behind but I also have friends and family here and were almost all doing what you should better our self in the future by going to school and be whoever you want to be that’s the beauty of America. In accordance to Macionis ” Minorities have two important features. First, contemporary society imposes on them a distinctive identification, which may be based upon physical or perhaps cultural qualities.

Second, hispanics experience subordination. As this chapter reveals, U. H. minorities typically have lower income, reduced occupational respect, and limited schooling. Course, race and ethnicity, along with gender, will be overlapping and reinforcing dimensions of interpersonal stratification. The Thinking About Range box on page 278 details the problems of new Latin American immigrants towards the Unites States.  (Macionis 277) As Macionis mentioned this is true that minorities possess lower income in my opinion it has a whole lot to do with racism which makes it hard to find a job and be able to sustain yourself and your family.

As a minority inside my nine friends and family household most of us work but we even now struggle to make ends meet. Also I thing being a minority in just about any country it is extremely hard it will require years to adjust to the new traditions and people. I do think that a few ways we can improve the modern day American relationship on a relatives level is usually to reach out to neighbours and community not being judgmental, get to know people as individuals not as a stereotype. In the community level/ school: sign up for clubs or activities which have been inclusive of all minorities.

City /cities plans: enforcing similar opportunity regulations housing, supply for colleges, support solutions. U. S. government: funding to help hispanics be successful below, visas to immigrate in this article All of these will help build romance with hispanics and see then simply as specific not a belief. In conclusion all of us do gain and reduce certain items we enjoy by shifting to a different region or place but getting the advantage to try out different portion of the world is exciting you discover new things everyday. And no area of the world is perfect your constantly going to detects things you like or dislike about a place but as lengthy as make the most of knowing who have you will be and be your self and learn to consider to the euphoric pleasures that’s all that matters.

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