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A person’s character and attitude are active and made up of various, complex set of factors. The question of nature versus nurture as well as its contribution to a person’s personality has been debated for decades. Based on the interview that I executed, I have arrive to a summary that a person’s environment plays a more crucial role in one’s patterns. This is because a person’s upbringing and culture transformed any biological tendencies a person may possibly inherently and internally possess.

I evaluated a close family members friend of mine known as Lauren Reyes. Figure out if biology has an impact on her tendencies, I asked her if bodily hormones influence her behavior towards other people. The lady said that the lady experiences changes in mood but inch[my] actions generally depend on the problem and the expectation of others.  Her response conveyed the expectation of others around her has been based mostly on what society deems is the proper reaction/behavior within a given condition.

I actually also inquired about the traits that she have that has been affected by her parents. She said that being kind, helpful, forgiving and considerate are the traits that she has learned from her parents. She has internalized getting kind and helpful to the point that the girl with aware that the girl reflects those attributes when ever dealing with others. This is exhibited when I asked her just how she recognizes herself. The girl told me that she recognizes herself because “friendly, approachable, and nice/kind¦. like[s] to hel[p] other folks.  Her notion of herself as helpful is in turn identified by other folks because the lady said that “I guess others just see me like that as well, mainly because they turn to me intended for help. 

In addition , her forgiving attitude is usually exhibited by fact that she cannot stay mad at a person for a week. She also considers herself since “soft, consequently she easily forgives people. Meanwhile her considerate mother nature is illustrated when the girl does items for other people, especially to those who are special to her, that she is aware of will benefit them. This is what motivates her to accomplish her goals and also to do something successful in her life. As well, being considerate toward other folks is a good influence onto her behavior. Consequently , her actions in any subject will always be dependant on how it will eventually effect the lives or situation of those that the lady knows very well and cares about.

Her considerate nature is a clear indication of her INJF personality, which is based upon the Myers Briggs Test that may be taken by anyone who wants to know what kind of persona he/she have got. An INJF person provides a “strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others and genuinely enjoy helping their very own companions,  which the lady agrees are accurate points of who she is. As a result, these people are regarded as the “Counselor Types. 

This patient and useful tendency extends to her romantic relationship. She thinks that an great relationship is definitely when a person trieds to “mak[e] the other person [their significant other] content.  She also acts such as the motherly type the relationship because she “like[s] to take care of [her] partner. 

Similarly, her sturdy relationship with her friends is based after the fact that she cares about them. This is also the reason that she is still loyal to them. This kind of behavior is also reflective of her INJF personality, which in turn shows that “she makes a decision based on sentiment.  In this case, choosing her friends depending on how they make her truly feel. Also, these legitimate and warm feelings happen to be extended to people that the girl just fulfilled. Although your woman admitted that she self-monitors her behavior around individuals who she just met and she is extra nice to them.

Moreover, the truth that her parents include few, pals influenced her view and attitude on choosing her friends smartly and the sort of people the lady befriends. She said that the girl becomes friends with people whom are nice trustworthy. Therefore, she is very selective in terms of the people she is going to be good friends with, which is also a indicate of an INJF.

On the opposite, her efficiency in school continues to be greatly motivated by her desire to “make [her] parents proud¦[Hence] My spouse and i study hard to maintain my personal good degrees.  Therefore, the desire to end up being outstanding in whatever she’s doing comes from within. Consequently , Lauren is definitely clearly determined intrinsically. She also mentioned that her inspiration to do very well is not really because the girl wants or perhaps expects a reward for a task. The reason the lady engages in a specific task is she gains a feeling of contentment anytime she is doing a specific task. In effect, it has contributed to a new lady who may have become and continually displays to be a liable person in all respects of her life.

Her liable attitude, which will also displays a tremendous sense of independence, has ensued because her parents arrived home by around 8-9pm. Hence, they were not really around when the lady gets house after college. She described this circumstances as a significant part of her life and has made her who the girl with right now. It includes also ended in her certainly not liking to rely on other people.

As a former pupil, she recommended to study at home in her room with music playing in the background. This specific trait showed by Lauren is in obedience with INFJ personality, which states that “when the INFJ’s considering function is operative [the person becomes] most aloof¦ such distancing is merely the that the seer is hard for work (Butt). In addition , learning new info for her becomes easier in the event that she observes the behavior getting performed.

On the other hand, her Filipino culture has cast her to get respectful towards older people, and accomodating to others. She declared she obeys older people away of admiration and good manners towards all of them. While her accommodating tendencies stem in the fact that she’s viewed by others as approachable.

Likewise, Lauren personally feels that lifestyle “play[s] a role in creating personality and attitude [because] culture tells you the satisfactory and unwanted attitudes.  Also, according to Lauren culture determine gender roles because gender roles are “dictated by simply society¦For model, men should not be too psychological; they have to become logical. Ladies, on the other hand, must be neat with their stuff. 

Several studies in addition has suggested which a person’s environment is responsible for a person’s behavior. Robert Tyron, a pioneer in behavior genetics, conducted a report among rats that are bright in on offer a maze versus rats that are dull in carrying out the same process. The study demonstrated that the boring rats’ capability to go around the maze improved once they had been placed in a stimulating environment. Hence, the research indicated the stimulating environment improved the rat’s capacity in on offer the maze (Intelligence and Mental Abilities).

In addition , psychologist L. M. Skeels observed children who lived in orphanages in Grand rapids and were neglected by the adults that took care of these people. The adults never examine them reports, talk to all of them or used them. The children were regarded subnormal in intelligence when they took an IQ check. Two of the orphan girls were used in a a grown-up ward where the people “play[ed] with these people, read to them, perk[ed] them after they took their particular first steps, and encourag[ed] them to talk (Intelligence and Mental Abilities). After 1 . 5 years, the IQ scores of those two girls increased.

It is apparent, only with the studies mentioned previous, that a person’s environment afflicted a person’s intelligence and performance in every area of your life. While my interview with Lauren also showed which a person’s childhood and culture contributes to someone’s personality and attitude. Lauren’s traits-such while her kind, helpful, forgiving and considerate nature- and behavior toward others are formed and developed by her parents. While her tradition played an element in her attitude and relations toward older people. However , her inspiration for undertaking any process comes from within and her interactions with people are based on how she feels toward them.

Overall, I believe that a person’s environment obviously shapes someone’s personality and attitude in the long-run. People usually act in accordance with predicted beliefs and mannerisms in the culture they can be apart of. Hence, regardless if there is a part of the population that are extreme because they may have high-levels of testosterone, correct etiquette and knowledge of social norms probably will make them avoid beating themselves or strangers. They may as well decide to seek out help with their particular out-of-control, aggression. Also, sufficient child-rearing is essential to produce fully developed and liable adults inside our society. As a result, living conditions needs to be conducive to the development of a healthy, mature and responsible specific.


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