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The youth (15-24 years) is a stage inside the life routine of a human being which is the majority of vulnerable to the influences of socializing agents. Although contemporary psychologists underscore the importance of early the child years socialization inside the later development of the human character (Freud, 1939), social psychologists maintain which the self and thus, personality can be described as social product (Cooley, 1902; Mead, 1934).

Social specialists like Piaget (1969), basing his theory of intellectual development in the experiments with children, asserts that an specific passes through stages of cognitive expansion as one grows.

He keeps that this kind of cognitive expansion is accomplished through connection with the environment. Piaget further asserts the fact that content of what is learned at each level of the advancement process will depend largely about culture frequently defined as a people’s life-style.

Adolescence is definitely the last level before maturity. According to Piaget, it truly is at this stage that individuals are able to achieve formal subjective thought, can think in terms of theories and hypotheses, may manipulate concepts such as the ones from mathematics or perhaps morality, and may think about personal goals and in many cases ideal interpersonal conditions ” ” a capacity that is certainly often indicated in the idealism of the youth.

Thus the characteristics of the youth today largely reflect their learnings via early years as a child and youngsters socialization processes which they received from socializing agencies first and foremost of which is the family, and the ones from the school, the peer group, and mass media. These social organizations exist in concrete socio-economic (e. g. social class), political (e. g. form of government), and demographic set ups which influence their tasks as mingling agents.

A well-adjusted, accountable and well-educated youth is the goal of any culture since the jobs they perform as adults of the next generation will decide the development of that society. However, many erroneously conclude that these socializing brokers are entirely responsible for what the youth are today. Indeed, difficulties decisions that adolescents take regarding profession and jobs in life are subject to two levels of impacts:

(1) the macro structural environment while conditioned by socio-economic and demographic onditions, which in turn, is a manifestation of the major decisions in the local politics economy, and (2) the influences of the social organizations most importantly all those coming from the house and the college (Raymundo, ain. al, 1999). In the face of these influences, children manifest their particular responses, also in two levels: (1) internalized values, attitudes and beliefs about himself/herself and his/her function in world, and (2) behavioral indications in more adult roles and functions just like school functionality, participation inside the work industry, and sexual and reproductive behavior.


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