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At the age of 16, what are you doing at this young age? Ordinary teenagers at this age used to go to school particularly high school graduation, and enjoy all their teenage years. Aside from this routine, young adults may earn income by diverse stuffs around them. Most of the young adults enjoy playing online computer games as for at this point. And who knows you may use this stuff to earn money and lead the first thing to become a good entrepreneur or I should declare technopreneur. Just like Ittipat who will be now an excellent businessman.

I recently can’t imagine how these types of young people started to be successful in their life in a straightforward way like using technology. Ittipat produced his first step when an individual offer the funds to buy the apparatus of the casino game he was hooked. Of course doing this is illegal but he does not think the risk about this.

Maybe this is the starter to get the best to think about the company. But likes the different gamer habit forming he neglect his obligation as a scholar, always playing game every single day.

For that reason he constantly get low score in his school and he couldnt make up to state school of Asia. Until his account started to be unable to employ because of the deal that he did in the game. And eventually when he bought some DIGITAL VIDEO DISC units nevertheless he was ripped off by the retailer of the DVD. But he didn’t give up. He try other organization and like the other successful businessman, he went through many struggles anytime like his family go to Shanghai because of the debt in bank, split up with her girlfriend and many other. But he keeps looking to reach success. And when he start his own organization on fried chestnuts and he is making the supervision prohibited him because of the smoking that is from his cooking machine.

And so the sales had been dropped. His life is extremely hard in the childhood, where he ought to enjoy his youth the fact that time. And once he transforms 19 he created new product which are dried up food and seaweed snack foods called “Tae kae Noi and that item brought him to the best! I think he got that idea if he ate dried seaweed via his sweetheart. His product became the best selling product and took over Chestnuts sales. And it increases faster when he entered that in 7-eleven. His business grows quickly and he paid all of the debt of his daddy and now the owner of a company. By an online gamer addict to a successful businessman and a billionaire that is certainly Ittipa! My spouse and i am extremely amazed to the story of Ittipat. This will likely be a wonderful inspiration for all new internet marketers around the world. He also proves the saying attempt to try right up until you find accomplishment.

Before, this individual wasunderestimated by his instructors and I’m certain that these individuals were very proud of him specifically his parents that under no circumstances thought of the thing that their boy although is definitely not dedicated to studies became a successful businessman. And elevated them up from their old life. Ittipa showed his industry and his great head in craving his accomplishment with the help of the individuals around them especially God. Triumph in life is definitely sweeter because you worked hard of it But I believe to my own fellow young adults like me, We advice to don’t forget studies for the simple enjoyment type playing video games. We can become all like Ittipa, and can find our success inside our own approach. We know that if we do something to get to the wish, we just can’t give up that easily to achieve that. If perhaps there’s a will there’s a approach.

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