Bram Stoker’s Dracula Essay

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The traditional view of Dracula since an old guy who is enjoyed by Whilst gary Oldman in the film is a man who may be almost invincible and totally ruthless. Dracula’s appearance inside the film in comparison to the novel by simply Bram Stoker is quite similar in some ways. Seen Dracula doesn’t differ much and gives around the same photo as to how Dracula might look like when compared to from the film to the novel.

Dracula can be portrayed since an old person in the initial scene; Jonathan goes to visit Dracula in his castle which is based on the border of Romania. Because Jonathan is on the educate, he reads the notice which Coppola allows the group to hear non- diegetically. Since Jonathan is usually reading the letter, Dracula’s eyes can be found in the skies as if he’s watching Jonathan.

The mise- en- landscape is once again clear. The background music changes into the ” warfare music”. This can be to show that danger is definitely approaching.

The sky can be red and also shows hazard. Jonathan can be dropped off within a deserted, intimidating forest. The colours used are dark and contain black and green. The music employed is normal sounds at the. g. baby wolves howling, dog sounds. The sounds are diegetic.

He is dropped off with a few gypsies who are dressed peculiarly. The woman gives Jonathan a Cross and says this keeps the evil away. Jonathan in that case waits for the carriage to come and he doesn’t have to hang on long. When ever Jonathan demands if the carriage is going to Dracula’s castle, the mystery guy who doesn’t show his face grabs Jonathan and unrealistically places Jonathan in the carriage.

This is as if the driving force was expecting Jonathan. The driving force then requires Jonathan over a ride having been very uncomfortable with! The buggy was centimeters away from falling off a three hundred foot cliff, chased by wolves and passed through a blue tormento as Jonathan approached the castle.

Jonathan finally gets to Dracula’s fortress and as this individual enters opportunities, they available by themselves- this is what happens in classic Dracula films. There are noises of drinking water dripping to help make the castle experience cold and empty. As the doors open up, there stands Dracula with a lamp in the hand. The camera position on Dracula is a close-up.

This is to exhibit Dracula’s facial expressions and the way he reacts if he finally perceives Jonathan. The utilization of lighting elizabeth. g. the lamp, demonstrates Dracula’s fort is very dark, dull and mysterious. When we first discover Dracula, he is an old person.

Normally, an audience would think he is poor and has no power but since revealed down the road in the film, we see that Dracula comes with an immense amount of power and can perform almost anything. The director uses the lamp to show Dracula’s whole physique. This signifies that the castle is very darker.

A major part of the whole story of ” Dracula” is a shadows. While Jonathan is filling out some forms to get Dracula, Dracula’s shadow techniques completely differently to how a normal person’s would. For one stage, Dracula creates a shadow of him wanting for Jonathan’s head. This shows that Dracula is thinking about Jonathan’s blood vessels.

This happens when Dracula understands Jonathan can be engaged with Mina. While Dracula’s darkness moves differently to his own, this symbolises that Dracula is usually not among normal persons, but in a dark, abnormal world of his own. When ever Dracula is a wolf, this represents him being full of lust fantastic main sufferer is Sharon.

Like any other traditional Dracula film, the ladies are the key victims and rely on the men to save these people. This is exactly precisely the same in Copppola’s film. Dracula transforms into a wolf if he thinks about Lucy and when he sees Lucy, he sees red blood. This is demonstrated by a close-up on red blood cells. When Dracula turns into a wolf, the colours switch very dark to symbolize evil and death.

If perhaps Dracula is unable for any purpose to come to Sharon, he uses his capabilities to bring Sharon to him. This is proven in the yard where mitt is trying not to let Lucy lose her mind above Dracula. Though Lucy gets deeper and deeper in to her blues trance and Mina is unable to help. Sharon arrives before Dracula in the centre of Lucy’s Garden maze.

This is where Dracula seduces Sharon and sucks her blood.

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