HIV/AIDS in Human Services Essay

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HIV/AIDS is a globally pandemic which has ravished the lives of countless thousands of people, since its breakthrough, more than 30 years ago. HIV/AIDS can be dealt with through all models of support delivery. Each of the models (Medical Model, Public well-being Model and Human Companies Model) may possibly approach this problem differently, but they all have the same central focus; to combat this, ever evolving, global phenomenon. The Medical Unit is going to talk about the issue of HIV/AIDS through several elements. 1st, the Medical Model is going to indentify indicator that lead to a diagnosis, then remedying of the disease and lastly, research to get a possible cure (Woodside & McClam, 2011, p. 99).

The 1st element, of symptoms, is tricky in regards to HIV/AIDS. Symptoms of HIV, which can be short for human immunodeficiency virus, might not show up in a positive sufferer for over 10 years (AIDS Health-related Foundation | Learn About HIV and AIDS, n. g. ). HELPS, which means acquired immune system deficiency problem, develops in the final phases of HIV. Once the individual has reached that point, immune system is too poor to deal with viruses as well as the body is even more susceptible to acquire various cancers (AIDS Health care Foundation | Learn About HIV and AIDS, n. g. ). Therefore , with HIV/AIDS, diagnosis of the disease will most likely come before the symptoms. Following symptoms and medical diagnosis, is the component of treatment.

Take care of HIV/AIDS comes in the form of Antiretrovirals (ARVs). Today, there are 31 antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) approved by the foodstuff and Medication Administration to deal with HIV infection (Treatment of HIV Infection, NIAID, NIH, 2012). These kinds of drug combinations work to give the HIV great patients an extended, healthier life. ARVs are merely a treatment to subdue the virus; they can be not a get rid of (Treatment of HIV Infection, NIAID, NIH, 2012).

The last element, in the Medical Well being Model, is usually cure. This coming year, at the Intercontinental AIDS Convention in Wa D. C, which I personal attended, talk of a cure appeared. As of today, there is not any proven remedy to the virus, but we are at least on the way to an AIDS Free generation, since promised simply by Hillary Clinton at this year’s AIDS Conference (Norman, 2012).

The Medical Health Model’s strengths sit in treating the condition from the inside. Although disease affects the whole person, not just their particular body. The Medical Health Model does not address the social or perhaps interpersonal problems associated with the computer virus.

The quest of the Public Health Model is focused on endorsing physical and mental health, prevention and encouraging healthy manners (Woodside & McClam, 2011, p. 109). In relation to HIV/AIDS, this means prevention in the form of pre/post-exposure prophylaxis treatment and education, as well as sociable action which includes advocacy. In July of this year, Truvada was authorized as a Preparation or pre-exposure prophylaxis, which is an antiretroviral drug employed in the prevention of HIV.

Truvada may be prescribed pertaining to high-risk teams, such as the lovers of HIV-positive people and gay men (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, n. d. ). Various other prevention methods are post-exposure prophylaxis treatment, used following exposure with the HIV computer virus; and antiretroviral treatment since prevention. The most important method of avoidance is education. Education in the basics of what exactly HIV is and exactly how it is developed as well as continence and love-making education is essential. Finally, the Public Health Model concentrates on social action. The population Health Version combats stigma and splendour, through social action, since it relates to HIV/AIDS.

Individuals that will be stigmatized ought to take action to resist the pushes that discriminate against them (Parker & Aggleton, in. d. ). The Public Overall health Model tackles the issue of HIV/AIDS in the most comprehensive way. This combines medical knowledge with community action skills (Woodside & McClam, 2011, s. 109). The one thing that it is missing is the characteristic of problem-solving skills. Finally, the Human Services Model which considers the situation of the individual in the context in the environment (Woodside & McClam, 2011, s. 116).

Three main points of interest of the Man Service Model are to enhance the client’s health and quality of life, teach your customer problem-solving abilities and avoidance (Woodside & McClam, 2011, p. 118). Problem-solving is definitely implemented through intervention inside three areas: emotions, thought or morals and habit (Woodside & McClam, 2011, p. 117). It is important intended for the Human Assistance Model to be able to through the judgment of the disease.

Because the adverse stigma mounted on the disease is indeed huge, it prevents several from getting tested or treated or protecting themselves, not only up against the disease nevertheless protection from tranny if they themselves are afflicted. The Human Service Model looks at the issue of HIV/AIDS from a whole person perspective. They have to identify limitations of tests, treatment and prevention based on such things as the individual’s lifestyle or faith based beliefs. After that find strategies to connect with them despite individuals barriers. Advantages of the Man Service Version are found in their dealing with the entire person.

Their weakness lays in the lack of a medical stand stage on the concern of HIV/AIDS. Two of the main organization offered to address a defieicency of HIV/AIDS are the International ASSISTS Society and UNAIDS. The International ASSISTS Society consist of HIV specialist from all over the world.

It is today’s leader in the world’s 3rd party associations of such professionals (International SUPPORTS Society About the IAS, d. d). Their very own mission states that they are a global activity of people working together to end the HIV pandemic, applying technological evidence and best practice at every degree of the HIV response (International AIDS World IAS Mission, and. d). The primary goals of the IAS happen to be; to encourage solutions to HELPS response concerns through discussion and debate (International SUPPORTS Society About the IAS, d. d), handbag to apply evidence based plans and programmes (International AIDS Society About the IAS, n. d) to strengthen the respond to AIDS throughout the world and to supporter significant study.

Some of the methods IAS can be making a positive change in the realm of HIV is usually through; exploration for a treatment, conferences, such as the International ASSISTS Conference in Washington M. C. and policy care. IAS is beneficial in making changes and addressing issues in HIV. One other leading firm that is positively address the void of HIV/AIDS can be UNAIDS. UNAIDS is the Joint Un Programme about HIV/AIDS (Special Session simple fact sheets: What is UNAIDS? , n. m. ). These are the leading counsel for global action against HIV/AIDS.

It is mission should be to guide, reinforce and support worldwide work to turn the tide up against the epidemic (Special Session simple fact sheets: Precisely what is UNAIDS? , n. m. ). Among their goals are: reducing lovemaking transmission; avoiding HIV among drug users; eliminating new HIV infections among children, gender inequalities, stigma and discrimination, and travel restrictions (UNAIDS, and. d. ). UNAIDS can be making changes to the key concerns related to HIV/AIDS in implementing care applications, as well as support for individuals not merely infected while using disease, but affected by this in other ways (UNAIDS, and. d. ). UNAIDS draws together the resources of the UNAIDS Secretariat and 15 UN system organizations pertaining to coordinated and accountable initiatives to combine the world against AIDS (Our work, and. d. ), in order to efficiently make changes and talk about the issue of HIV/AIDS. Through the effort and determination of all three service designs, we have a chance to possibly get rid of this globally devastating disease. This generation could just be fortunate enough to see the end of HIV/AIDS.

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