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Express of the Difficulty

This examine aimed to founded and look in to the factors ultimately causing the parent-child misunderstanding with the high school students and the parents from the Saint Patrick’s Academy in School Year 2014 -2015.

Particularly, this study also desired to answer this questions: 1 ) What is the degree of the nearness of the parent and teen child based on how often they are communicating? 2 . What are the factors that really affect the mother or father and adolescent child interaction? 3. Exactly what the common challenges between parent or guardian and kid?

Significance of the Study

The result of the study will be beneficial to the administrator, assistance counselors, tutor, parents, college students, to the future researcher also to those aspiring to have a family members someday too.

The study would be of great help to prospects parents and teenage child whose experiencing such kind of communication space.

To the officer, it would serve as a guide to generate some applications encouraging to the good communication of mother or father and child.

Towards the guidance counselor, it would serve as a assist in improving their skills in direction counseling and it would information them to more understand the learners they guided.

To the teachers, it would serve as a help them to understand those pupils with this kind of experience.

To the father and mother, it would act as guide not just in improve their act in response and connection with their teenage child although also to comprehend more what their child wants to express.

To the college students, it would provide not only as a help to be aware of their connection to their father and mother but as well as a guide in increasing their understanding about their father and mother.

To the future researcher, it would serve as guide for future research/thesis.

To those aspiring to have a family someday, it would act as a guide to have got a good child-rearing.

Scope and Limitations with the Study

The study was centered on the factors leading to the parent-child misconception among the high school students of the Heureux Patrick’s Academy and their father and mother.

The topics of the study were 398 students signed up for the School Yr 2014 ” 2015 and the parents or their mom or dad.

Definition of Conditions

Consanguinity. It’s the property to be from the same kinship an additional person. Cast. It is the romance, especially simply by marriage instead of blood ties. Matrifocal. Is it doesn’t relationship between a mother and her children. Domestique. It is the relationship between a husband, his wife and children. Thenuclear family. It is the another term use pertaining to conjugal.

Technology gap. It’s the differences of outlook or opinion between people of numerous generations. Miscommunication. It is the failure to talk adequately. Expert Group. This can be a group of people of approximately the same age group, status, and interests. Harrassment. It is the hostile pressure or perhaps intimidation.

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