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Health Care Connection Methods HCS 320 August 22, 2012 Professor Healthcare Communication Strategies As the Communication Manager for this nationwide drug producer, today all of us will need to come up with ideas and go over how we is going to address the negative effects that our medications are causing towards the public. The neighborhood news has recently started the witch look by allegedly reporting our local gran has suffered coming from adverse affects from our medications. How can all of us address people regarding this matter without losing organization and the trust we made up of our buyers and our consumers?

In today’s meeting we all will decide which communication technique is most suited to this situation, while making sure that do not break virtually any HIPAA suggestions.

We begins by speaking about the advantages and drawbacks of employing traditional press. Traditional multimedia can include papers, magazines, radio, and tv set. There are some great advantages on for what reason these media outlets would be great in reaching our audience regarding this health scare. Two great methods are magazines and mags, they can support because we could be precise and precise when discussing our issue.

Additionally , these types of methods gives use having a permanent record of our attempt to reach people (Advantages and disadvantages of drafted communication, 2012). Two additional good methods are radio and tv. These methods are great as they are cost effective, enable us to get to our audience directly and let us to exhibit emotion and concern regarding this subject. All these strategies seem like they would work nevertheless there are drawbacks with staying with traditional press outlets instead of using digital or networking communities.

Some main concerns we now have with using traditional mass media is that it can only reach a limited amount of people and are restricted to a small opportunity of guests and visitors. Additionally , feedback is certainly not immediate just like electronic or perhaps social media sites (Comparison of traditional media with electronic multimedia, n. d). Electronic and social media sites also provide their benefits and drawbacks when it comes to interacting to the general public regarding health concerns.

Some positive aspects electronic multimedia provides is that the message can be communicated to large number of people at a time, any message can be sent and delivered in no time, and a number of audio, online video, text can be used in one sole medium (Advantages and disadvantages of written interaction, 2012). Despite the fact that all of these appear like great strategies to communicate with people regarding medication manufacturing problems there are some disadvantages to using electronic and social media sites (Comparison of traditional media with electronic multimedia, n. d).

Some are that it must be less intimate, it can be pricey to hire anyone to program the websites and deal with them, and it gives all of us limited gain access to in country areas. Nevertheless the chart beneath shows that there has been a substantial progress with people getting at healthcare details from electronic digital and networking communities. Graphic from “Study Forecasts Growing Utilization of Social Media in Healthcare (Levin, 2012) One other concern we certainly have at the moment is usually that we must make sure that we stay within HIPAA and other regulations guidelines when utilizing any type of media.

The Insurance Moveability and Answerability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) established fresh standards for the confidentiality, security, and transmissibility of health care data. There are 3 types of standards made by HIPAA: privacy, protection, and administrative simplification (e. g., purchase standards). Used together, these regulations have a major influence on the daily functioning from the nation’s hospitals and influence virtually every department of every entity that provides or perhaps pays for healthcare (American Hospital Association: HIPAA, 2012).

It is vital that we be aware with no matter what we decided to say inside our press convention regarding the medicine manufacturing problems and that we do not reveal any patient titles, private information, or breach virtually any confidentiality. Following having reviewed all the information I feel confident to talk about that we will have to use both sets of media for us to make sure all of us reach all of our patients within a non-alarming yet swift way. We need to make sure patients which can be using the medicine stop instantly.

Therefore , we all will send each of our marketing director down to the neighborhood news network and to push out a press seminar for our local patients and then in the intervening time we could have the technological department start by adding a warning labeled on the website with links to our Facebook and Twitter site. Additionally , all of us will need to download and post the video of your marketing movie director so the people can have a type of connection to all of us. This will allow all of us to connect with the local community and personnel, but as well allow us to reach country wide patients.

Furthermore, we need to send our personnel a idiota reminding all of them that they simply cannot talk to the press or make virtually any statements to the media regarding this issue. Also, that they are unable to release virtually any confidential info otherwise they will be terminated under the HIPAA rules for breaking confidentiality coverage. This will incorporate any articles on online communities. All types of media may have their pros and cons, in the end it all depends on what a company is definitely using the media form pertaining to. If an corporation is just aiming to connect with a nearby market applying traditional media might be the actual would want to employ.

If a organization is trying to contact a larger territory some may want to use electronic or perhaps social media. The two methods at times have to be employed especially when a business is trying to share an important important message such as a drug call to mind. Not only performed our company ought to keep a great emotional connection with our regional patients yet also all of us needed to be sure to contact each of the facilities that prescribe or perhaps dispense were recalled medication. Your decision I produced as Communication Coordinator is by using both pieces of media to contact our patients and inform them in the drug remember.

This was a decision I built to make sure all of us covered all of our bases therefore no one could say we did not try. References Benefits and drawbacks of written communication. (2012). Retrieved by http://www. managementstudyguide. com/written-communication. htm American Hospital Association: HIPAA. (2012). Gathered from http://www. aha. org/advocay-issues/hipaa Comparison of classic media with electronic media. (n. d). Retrieved from http://download. nos. org Levin, G. (2012, January 2). Study forecasts growing use of social media in healthcare. Retrieved from http://healthworkscollective. com

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