Social stereotypes and Happiness The Pursuit of Happyness 11/21/2012 Trainer: Prof. Kristin Little Publisher: Tareq Naseer Alsamarh Social stereotypes and happiness The story of the movie The Pursuit of Happyness aimed by Gabriele Muccino portrays a family who struggles with finding enough money to pay fees and manage living expenses. The movie takes a place in San Francisco throughout the 80s.

The 2 main heroes are the dad Chris Gardner and his child Christopher, Will certainly Smith and Jaden Jones respectively. Gardner tries to support his relatives. But each and every time he attempts to make things better, they will always conclude worse.

Gardner in the tale wonders on “how to be joyful? ” He earns his money selling off the bone tissue density scanners, however , those scanners do not make enough cash for him, and sometimes this individual finds it hard to actually sell just one scanner. Thus he ends up with his child living in the street after his wife, Linda, goes to Nyc. The movie offers a message of pursuing joy and the impact of social stereotypes through many views that display how persona, fatherhood, family members, home and homelessness impact on the level of happiness. Gardner in the motion picture has a great personality that makes people treat him with admiration.

When Gardner walks in the street and looks at people, this individual thinks that every one of them are completely happy. He then starts off thinking that in the event he cultivatesthis happiness and provides the best to his relatives, he would include a better lifestyle. Chris says “I continue to remember that minute, they all appeared so damn happy to myself, why couldn’t I appear to be that” (Pursuit). This is a stereotype in social common sense that Gardner thinks about those around Leader Witter Business because he generalizes that all folks are happy around that firm. Gardner chooses to get a work in Dean Witter. Throughout the meeting for his internship, Gardner has not been wearing formal clothes.

They ask their very own colleague about Chris’s outfits, and how Gardner usually dresses. He, the manager, responses that Gardner is always cool and dons a link and a pant. Using formal and clean outfits gives folks who see Gardner a good impression about him. Gardner has a great personality that shows how his features give him to be able to easily get along with others. Specifically, Chris’s character , confidence, aspiration and hope, contains a significant impact on his existence that gives him the opportunity to attain the delight he wishes. Having those qualities possess a significant impact on someone’s delight in a confident way.

Persons think that Gardner is happy because inside the outside, he smiles. Though when he is usually not happy, persons ask him “How are you? ” this individual replies “I am great. Everything is okay. ” When Gardner goes to offer his readers, he thinks that people laugh because they are happy in their life. Persons ask for help from other folks who are definitely more educated, and people who have more experience within their lives. Gardner asks the director of Dean Witter about what he does as they looks completely happy and rich, and Gardner wants to understand the secret therefore he can obtain what he wants.

Right here, where Gardner’s life becomes after determining to become a Stockbroker. One of the most holding speeches and scenes inside the movie that shows just how fathers suggest their children is when Bob goes with his son, Captain christopher, to a hockey court. During that time, while the son performs, the father looks at him and says: “I wanted to certainly be a good field hockey player but it really did not get as I need it. ” Christopher then feels unhappy, frustrated, throwing the basketball with anger and sadness in his face. Then this father says, “Do not ever let a person tell you that you cannot do something, not really me.

Good? You got ideal, you got to protect it. If you need something, get get it, period” (The Quest for Happyness). The message tells us that there are folks who will suppress us via achieving a thing that they cannot or perhaps could not attain. The picture here is a father giving critical advice to his son that they can carry together with his life to fight for his own dreams and pursue what he wants. Just like mothers, fathers have a whole lot of sensible advice to give and say to their children. Within perspective, fatherhood for Gardner is like a job for him.

Because he loses his better half, he should provide joy, fun and support for his son Christopher which is not an easy job to perform. Those dads, who spend more time with their children, have a better lifestyle than other folks who use most of their time functioning and attaining money. Nevertheless , being a daddy as a sole parent just like Chris gives him the enthusiasm to complete his greatest and change his wife’s role to possess a better lifestyle with his boy. Yet, this decreases the happiness that Gardner offers. According to Scott Coltrane, a sociologist at the College or university of A bunch of states, points out that “Father’s type of parenting has evolved too.

Dads are beginning to look a lot more like mothers” (qtd. in Cullen and Grossman). Before Hermosa leaves the family, your woman works twice shifts for making more money to afford the bills and to help her husband. So Frank is the one who takes more care of their very own son compared to the mother, Hermosa. Gardner seems to be happier becoming close to his son. There are plenty of scenes inside the movie that show how Gardner and Christopher want of being collectively. Nonetheless, there may be only one field that Captain christopher not even does not show for his mom, instead he asks “did mom keep because of myself? (The Quest for Happyness). This indicates that Gardner does a congrats of being just one parent that produces his kid, not remembering his mother. For fathers, house is a place where they will rest, examine, work and play, as well as for children, a home is a place in which they can sleeping and feel warm and safe. Throughout the movie, Frank and his child never stay at the same place where they can sleep and rest. The son says to his dad “I am worn out, I want to go back home, ” as well as the father responses “I know son, My spouse and i know” (Pursuit). This field is a heart-breaking.

Even though that Chris great son had been kicked using their apartment then from a hotel and end up in your bathrooms then into a homeless refuge, he hardly ever gives up. Instead, it makes him job harder and take every single opportunity this individual finds to supply the best to him and his child. In S . fransisco, they have pet shelters for destitute people in which they can rest for a night time. Chris and Christopher see a Shelter just before 5 p. m or perhaps they will not have a place to rest. Here turns into a problem meaning San Francisco is lacking in of rendering enough homes and money for destitute people.

Alternatively, many destitute in Bay area do not head to shelters. That they consider it a messy and dangerous place to sleeping in. A chronicle staff writer, Kevin Fagan produces, “For many regular residents, shelters certainly are a warm location to sleep, an excellent meal to eat and an opportunity to meet with friends” (Fagan). Yet, the desolate who refuse to go admit everything is definitely not in a safe place is stolen. In a regards to the movie, Gardner and his kid, when they enter into a shelter to sleep, they have their particular room meaning they are within a safe place. Their hand bags and clothing is under their particular sight, so it is hard to be stolen from their store.

Nevertheless, gonna a shelter does not raise Gardner’s happiness nonetheless it is, for least, a spot where they can sleep which can be better than to become on the street or perhaps in an underground restroom. S . fransisco, where the film takes place, includes a high price of homelessness. Because the city does not have a extensive plan to cover all the bills of desolate people, they reside within the streets. “The only solution is getting the desolate into a encouraging housing and counseling to cure the joblessness, inches Philippe Bourgois addresses (qtd. in Fagan). In the movie, many desolate go to animal shelters to get a room to sleep.

Nevertheless, only couple of them get into the animal shelters because there are too little rooms for every them. Frank and his child have to catch the bus to be able to get to the right time to get into one of the shelters or they can end up on the street. The reason is since Gardner and also other people do not have jobs to protect their homes expenses and taxes. Individuals shelters have time but just provide a short term solution. In the event the San Francisco federal government keeps performing that, the problem will never be resolved unless they will find a better and comprehensive solution to fix homelessness and joblessness.

Film production company in general demonstrates that the happiest people are the rich ones, and the the indegent have hard time living their very own lives. Cash equals joy is not really the meaning of the motion picture. Instead, it shows two principles that could provide and increase the amount of happiness: having a nice personality and becoming a part of a family plays an important role in someone’s pleasure. In addition , possessing a well-being romantic relationship with people and getting a job to make enough cash to live is usually called pleasure for some people. Gardner says when he has got the job by Dean-Witter “This part of a lot more called happiness” (Pursuit).

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