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A newspaper could possibly be described as a document which is printed and published frequently and consists of news information, articles, photos and advertising which are about large pieces of paper folded jointly but not permanently joined. Papers may be posted daily, regular or every single fortnight. Examples of newspapers are the DAILY GRAGHIC in Bekwai, ghana and the WASHINGTON POST in the usa of America. Newspapers are very important in the lives of countless people in the world.

As a part of the Press, newspapers have the main is designed of educating, educating and entertaining the general public. We the students of West Africa Senior High School at Adenta, a suburb of Accra, the capital city of Ghana, working on Learning Ring Project include found out from your research that newspapers are incredibly important in not only educating the youth but also help in informing and interesting them inside our country, Bekwai, ghana as well as in other parts of the world.

Magazines in Education: -Articles by newspapers give facts about current affairs which may not be found in textbooks in their schools. -Students find out new or unfamiliar phrases, expressions and spelling which in turn add up to their vocabulary. -Newspapers provide matters that college students may use inside their conversations with their friends. -The youth will be educated on social, political and economical issues when they read content articles in the newspapers. -Newspapers teach both the junior and adults on the views and feelings of people in the world on several issues. -Newspapers educate people about new inventions, discoveries and developments in Scientific research, Technology, Into the Diseases. -When students browse newspapers, they learn about various sorts of writing. -Students who browse newspapers regularly improve their examining in terms of fluency and velocity as they become familiar with a lot of words. -Through advertisements, data can be obtained by newspapers in types of products one really wants to buy and in which outlets they can be located. These merchandise may be outfits, shoes, personal computers etc . Newspaper publishers in Entertainment We the youth are very much considering entertainment. -Newspapers provide advertisements on entertainment, that is, several forms, area, date and time. -Some students read newspapers throughout their free time being a form of entertainment. -The youth find crossword puzzles and quizzes in newspapers challenging and entertaining. -Some youth also get a large amount of fun coming from reading comedies, poems, comics and cartoons in newspaper publishers.

Although magazines are useful in training, informing and educating the youth, they likewise have disadvantages. A few newspapers, especially private papers, contain a few articles which are not reliable and thus not good or useful for the youth. From our research, regarding 55% of your students read newspapers regularly. Most of them choose reading youth newspapers specifically JUNIOR VISUAL published by Graphic Marketing and sales communications Group. The scholars were with the opinion that newspaper reading improves their reading.

The scholars said the youth-focused newspaper publishers write articles that are suitable for their needs. Headers of 10 youth-related articles or blog posts we chosen from Mar 2008 versions of significant newspapers happen to be: NGO presents new methodology for The english language; Social welfare looks for father and mother of absent children; Catholic Church makes announcement new junior programme; Dadebo stresses the advantages of teaching ICT in colleges; Child Safeguard committees set up in 11 districts; Queen recommends youth to be self-dependent; Academics excellence goes with discipline; President’s lifeline intended for BECE failures; NCCE conveys concern regarding child labour; ENO Environment members draw Day. We cannot imagine a world devoid of newspapers.

Consideringg the great need for newspapers, we suggest that all youth should be encouraged to see newspapers in particular those written for the children. Schools should also be encouraged to publish their particular newspapers where it is possible. Every one of the youth happen to be invited for the educative regarding newspapers.

Allow us to cultivate the habit of reading papers.

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