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The researchers would like to exhibit our greatest gratitude towards the following that helped all of us make this study possible:

First, to our Almighty Father who gave all of us wisdom, motivation, power and guidance to empower ourself to do this analysis. For the great weather as well as the energy to complete the explained research.

Second, to our special and most beloved parents for support and unconditional take pleasure in.

To the participants who offered information the researchers needed to finish the research. Thank you very much.

To the associates of this group who willingly helped in making this research profitable and for the determination they showed in wanting to finish and finish your research, thank you.

And finally, to Mister. Sam Abueva, our British Instructor, who gave us this possibility to work with our classmates and familiarize ourselves as to how to do a research.

Thank you!

Part I



What generally comes into the minds in the Filipino persons when we listen to the term “UK? It is ukay-ukay right? The definition of “ukay-ukay was derived from the Visayan term “halukay which means the action of digging.

Ukay-ukay shopping is like treasure hunting, but instead of looking for a treasure, you will be literally digging from the piles of clothes which are mostly vintage and of high value. The ukay shopping tendency all started in Baguio. Ukay stores sprouted like mushrooms which later became one of the must-visit locations in Baguio.

Ukay-ukay might be considered a “special sort of good in the market. First, excellent different advertising sale process. Second, just how it gets into the market is exclusive. When such goods are brought into the nation, records will show that some are not really suitable for sale: The us government would keep that these will be either contributions or aid from foreign countries. Others are recorded since pasalubong to get Philippines-based family members. There are various causes consumers still buy these merchandise. One is their very own low prices when compared to substitute and complementary merchandise.

According to hearsay, it’s origin started way back in the 80s. Due to the frequency of calamities happening in our region, a certain humanitarian group called the Salvation Army accustomed to ship second-hand garments and also other goods because forms of aid to the filipino victims. While the goods collected, business-minded persons decided to get them at a really low cost and sell them to people. Thus, ukay-ukay business was developed.

The most popular places for ukay-ukay is in Baguio, Cebu, Cubao, Anonas, Bluementrit Espana, Mandaluyong, Sta. Mesa and Pasig.


This study is created primarily to be aware of the nature of Ukay-ukay industry particularly in Tacloban City. That sought to answer the following queries:

What is the history of ukay-ukay?

What is the account of the respondent?

Grow older


Intended for the costumer’s viewpoint, exactly what their different point of view about the advantages and disadvantages of ukay-ukay? Where did the ukay-ukay owners get their shares?

How much is the each week income of an ukay-ukay organization?


The purpose of this examine is to widen the knowledge of most men about Ukay-Ukay Business.

To explain the meaning of Ukay-Ukay.

To ascertain some facts about Ukay-Ukay as well as the industry on its own. To determine just how much profit really does an Ukay-Ukay business makes. To inform people about the advantages of Ukay-Ukay.

To inform people likewise about it is disadvantages.



The study will be carried out among the Ukay-Ukay stores in Tacloban City, Leyte towards the chosen consumers and vendors of Ukay-Ukay.


The researches limit the study inside the Ukay-Ukay shops which will give attention to the information and the knowledge of the costumers and sellers about Ukay-Ukay.

The researchers will be limited to:

1 ) The lack of understanding of the Ukay-Ukay.

2 . The time in performing this research may be limited for each affiliate has a distinct time plan and focus.

3. The info in the study may only be limited to the extent info being evaluated and cited by the experts.


1 . Halukay- the work of searching

installment payments on your Ukay-Ukay- old clothes, hand bags, hats, sneakers and etc. imported from other nation. 3. Britian’s or UK- other term for ukay-ukay 4. Limitation- are the claims which notify the reader with the research are accountable to certain constraints which the investigator has no control. 5. Scope- coverage or perhaps boundaries of the study in terms of the area or locality and subjects from the population protected during the analyze. 6. Bibliography- can be discover at the previous page of your book and is used as references of your researcher. several. Method

8. Primary Data- are the data that are gathered to help solve a problem or take advantage of the opportunity on which a choice is pending. 9. Secondary Data- would be the data gathered for some additional purpose before the study, this sort of data can also be called “historical data. twelve. Questionnaire- a directory of planned, drafted questions linked to a particular topic, with space provided for suggesting the response to each queries, intended for distribution to a volume of persons to get reply. eleven. Research-the number of information about a certain subject 12. Researcher-the individual who conducts the investigation

13. Study- a state of contemplation.

14. Survey-to examine as to condition, situation, or worth

12-15. Data- informative information since measurements or statistics applied as a basis for reasoning. 16. Interview-a formal assessment usually to gauge qualifications.


Although 3rd there’s r. A. 4653 was ratified on 1966 to stop the échange and selling of less costly second-hand clothes in the Israel, the impact from the said legislation has diminished over the years right up until Filipinos have finally learned to patronize the organization as if is actually something legal. They firmly believe that Korea will be better if ukay-ukay will be legalized.

This study is designed mainly to know for what reason people are genuinely drawn to ukay-ukay and how it’s really a great benefits for the people and what are

the drawbacks of ukay-ukay. The results of this research will be good for the following:

1 . To the respondents, they will be capable to realize how useful and beneficial of your ukay-ukay items particularly on the needs about clothing’s and the like., especially that nowadays, the amount paid are getting higher and higher.

2 . For the students, they will have an option on shopping for some of their requires especially if they wish to save and budget their money.

3. Towards the government, they may realize that despite the fact that ukay-ukay imports and offers cheaper second-hand clothes, continue to it has a great help specifically to the residents who are in the lower income line.

Section II


There’s more to ukay-ukay than the democratization of fashion. The industry that sprouted out of second hand clothes creates millions in income to get sellers, and saves large numbers more intended for the people whom buy from them. In a thesis titled Economics of Old Retail Operate: An Evaluation of the Market for Ukay-ukay by Luisito Abueg, a history of the ukay-ukay, the policies that control the subterranean industry, and what it most implies for the Korea as s i9000 struggling economy are meticulously discussed and dissected. The writer completed his Master of Arts in Economics from your University with the Philippines College of Economics (UPSE), Diliman, and a preview of his thesis was posted in the Philippine Journal of Development.

According to Abueg, the market to get secondhand apparel flourished from its considered capital, Baguio Town, province of Benguet despite a rules that forbids the inexpensive of second hand clothes. Though Republic Action number 4653 (ratified Come july 1st 1966) continues to be enacted, there is absolutely no clear setup of this rules (e. g., confiscation and burning of such imported commodities).

“It is clear that people see this market as an alternative to counterpart goods burdened with rising prices; however , with the invocation of laws and regulations that forbid importation and sale of used garments, consumers of such commodity have different reactions and suggest alternate solutions so as not to become affected in a negative way (in the economic dimensions of their lives),  stated Abueg. In respect to Abueg, ukay-ukay is definitely a affordable supply of fashionable yet durable apparel material for the people with fairly low earnings.

“Some persons would use buying ukay-ukay items since the latter are relatively homogenous with the brand-new garments and accessories which may be bought in relatively first-class stores and shopping malls.  He also explains that Philippine-made textiles and garments are considered to be 30 percent higher priced than all their counterparts available in the market, due to some extent to the inefficient local production and technology processes and their comparatively low efficiency. Though the thesis was written in june 2006, what this individual wrote remains to be valid: “The textile and garments market still needs adequate procedures for the courses of as well as incentives pertaining to workers, technical efficiency, development in industry production, and creation of regulating body,  he said.

In 2002, the Macapagal-Arroyo suspended the entrance and sale for ukay-ukay items in the market. This created displeasure among it is patrons, who look at ukay-ukay goods as the utmost affordable on the market. “This required some setup cost on the side of the govt. While specialists had every single legal right to confiscate and in many cases bum this kind of items, ukay-ukay stall owners managed to remain unscathed simply by relocating outdoors Metro Manila-to locations not usually supervised by the Office of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Social Welfare and Creation (DSWD),  he stated.

In the meantime, Filipinos everywhere protested against the prohibit, saying that it is anti-poor about so many amounts. Those who distributed ukay-ukay decried that many will suffer their careers and main sources of income ” those who person the stores, who have sort out the clothes, those people who are into the transfer of goods. Individuals who buy clothing from ukay-ukay cried away against the menace of shedding a much less costly, alternative provider of their closet needs. Silverio, Ina

Alleco (

In 2001, the Korea imported US$2. 29 billion or PhP116. 7 billion dollars worth of consumer goods-approximately 6 percent higher than the prior year’s imports of US$2. 25 billion dollars (or PhP104. 4 billion). Both values were based for the prevailing exchange rate in those days (Philippine Star 2000). Although the values previously show a significant amount, they cannot yet incorporate other foreign commodities intend to entered into the. Ukay-ukay is quite commonly used to relate to the market that caters to the sale of secondhand imported garments. Had originated in Baguio City, exactly where it has been commonly called wagwagan, and was later modified in other places. The industry first started out with stalls at the sidewalks, and in a span of two years, information account the ukay-ukay organization already produces a revenues of PhP1. 2 mil daily. Down the road, wagwagan became the colloquial wagwag, containing the same meaning as ukay-ukay (Cabreza 2001).

Wagwag products, which usually originate from Hong Kong and the United States, enter the Philippines within a manner different from that of traditional imports. These goods are actually transported in order to stores in Baguio Metropolis as well as places in Community Manila via balikbayan boxes. Contrary to authorities’ notion the particular commodities are donations coming from foreign countries, wagwag items are actually acquired from Hong Kong-based Salvation Army’s rummage sale sites. Those from your United States originated in neighborhood house garage sales (de Castro 2001).

When in the Thailand, these are then simply sold at prices lower than the ones from “traditionally imported goods. Seeing that these are applied garments, they are really sold at less than 50 % their rates (Cabreza 2001).

Chapter III



The experts will perform a research among the list of Ukay-Ukay retailers in

Tacloban Town, Leyte. The respondents will probably be chosen at random, both male and female.


The researchers will use descriptive design and style which is a frequently used research method. It aims to describe the nature of the situation as it exists during the study.

The researchers uses questionnaire and private interview.


The investigation instrument to become used in gathering primary data is the customer survey. Primary info are data that are collected to help solve a problem or take advantage of a possibility on which a decision making is definitely pending.


The respondents of the research study are in least 20 customers and 20 sellers of ukay-ukay clothing. The male and female participants will be selected at random by the researchers to answer the set of questions during an interview. The respondents chosen are those who have a great ukay-ukay business and those whom buy ukay-ukay clothing.


The researchers gathered data by using organised questionnaire to get answered by the respondents.

Tabulation and evaluation of data gathered was done after collecting all questionnaires. The experts prepared the necessary data measurements from the whole interview in the structured set of questions.

Chapter 4


Chart 1: Distribution according to Age of Participants

Out of 20 respondents (costumers), three or more respondents corresponding to 15% were 15-20 years old, 9 respondents related to 45% were 20-30 years old, several respondents corresponding to 15% were 30-40 years old, two respondents corresponding to 10% were 50-60 years old and 2 respondents corresponding to 10% were 60-70 years of age.

Graph two: Distribution relating to Sexuality of the Respondents

Out of 20 respondents (costumers), 13 are female corresponding to 65% and 7 are male corresponding to 35%.

Table 1: What are the benefits ukay-ukay?

(Maximum choices of 3)

Depending on Table one particular, most respondents (costumers) matching to 31%, believe that the benefit of ukay-ukay is that it is inexpensive and inexpensive and the least chosen benefit of ukay-ukay corresponding to 4% is that searching for it can minimize their charge on garments and also a least advantage is the fact shopping for it really is fun.

Depending on Table a couple of, most participants (costumers) believe the disadvantage of ukay-ukay related to 35% is that occasionally when buying ukay-ukay it has openings, broken zippers, dirt and the like. in this and least respondents (costumers) believe that the disadvantage of ukay-ukay corresponding to 1% is the fact some are not really branded.

Chart 3: In which do that they get their inventory?

Out of 20 participants (sellers), 18 of the participants corresponding to 85% declared that they manage to get thier stock in Cebu Town, and other participants corresponding every at 1% said that that they get their stocks and shares in Manila, Korea and Samar.

Graph 4: How do you price your product?

Away of 20 respondents (sellers), 6 of the respondents corresponding to 30% said that that they price their stock based upon the brand of your ukay-ukay, 2 of the surveys takers corresponding to 10% declared they value their shares based on the kind garment, 14 of the participants corresponding to 55% declared that they value the ukay-ukay based on the coffee quality and 1 of the respondent related to five per cent said that they price their particular stocks simply by piece.

Graph 5: How much is the regular income of the business?

Out of 20 Respondents, 8 of the respondents corresponding to 40% declared that

all their weekly salary is from your range of 2, 000-6, 000, 5 with the respondents related to 25% said that their very own weekly salary is from the range of 6th, 000-10, 000, 4 in the respondents corresponding to 20% said that their weekly profits is which range from 10, 000-15, 000 and 3 respondents corresponding to 15% stated that their regular income runs from 12-15, 000 and 20, 1000.

Chapter Versus


The experts decided to carry out a research which concerns about the nature of ukay-ukay industry. This kind of study aims to let persons understand about the ukay-ukay industry particularly about the nature.

The researchers gathered their info through primary data (interviews and review questionnaire) and secondary data (internet).

Following your finalizing the questionnaires, the researchers decided to go to the place where they will conduct their interview and survey. Where that place, we interviewed 20 costumers and 20 ukay-ukay shop keepers.

The result of the survey was tabulated. Every questions was answered by said participants honestly. In line with the survey, almost all of the costumers of ukay-ukay sector ranges coming from 20-30 years of age and the least ranges coming from 50-60 years old. Most of the consumers are females. In their viewpoint, the topmost reason why that they prefer to acquire some clothes in an ukay-ukay store because it has cheap and low cost. However , the topmost reason some of the participants don’t choose buying in an ukay-ukay store because a number of stocks aren’t in good condition.

Generally, ukay-ukay store owners answered Cebu City pertaining to the question “where did they get their stocks and shares? . Based on the interview a lot of the ukay-ukay store owners price goods based on the quality and the model of the stocks. Most of them had a weekly cash flow that amounts from 2000-6000 pesos.


Based on the study, many people are sketched into ukay-ukay or others call it as UK. In the Philippines, this addiction initial started in Baguio or the “Ukay-Ukay Capital from the Philippines. Regardless of the law, the Republic Act 4653, this law prohibits the advertising of ukay-ukay. But many people would love this if the govt will abolish the law.

We conclude the following based on our study:

1 ) Many people are drawn to ukay-ukay the fact that is inexpensive and inexpensive, this a great advantage for the shoppers. 2 . Ukay-Ukay organization a very rewarding business because it can make 2, 000-6, 000 weekly and in a month you might have a profit approximately 30, 500. 3. People ages over 20 years old mostly likes to shop in the Ukay-Ukay stores and stalls. 5. Mostly, girls are the kinds who like to buy ukay-ukay more than men. five. Most people declared the most common disadvantage of ukay-ukay is the fact sometimes it is not good condition, as a result of holes, scuff marks, dirt and etc.

6. The ukay-ukay stores price all their stocks mainly by the quality. You will find different classes of Ukay-Ukay. There is class A, B and C and their rates differ relating to it is class. School A is made up of high quality stocks and options. 7. Throughout Tacloban, typically, the ukay-ukay stores get their stocks coming from Cebu Metropolis. 8. And lastly, buying or selling ukay-ukay is a great illegal activity. Only few, Filipinos be aware that ukay-ukay is illegal. Nevertheless they don’t brain if it’s illegal or not really, they simply want to buy ukay-ukay because it’s cheap and affordable.


Buying or Selling Ukay-Ukay or UK is UNLAWFUL. Little we Filipinos know about it. Several don’t head about legislation that prevents from selling ukay-ukay. Ukay-Ukay had been an excellent help to various people not merely the vendors but as well the ones who buy it. The Filipinos may care how dirty or unsafe ukay-ukay is, they are going to just clean it correctly with cleaning soap and medical disinfectant, and after that you may wear you branded shoes or boots, clothes, bag and other ukay-ukay products.

We recommend the next based on the research:

1 ) We suggest that the ukay-ukay vendors or store owners must be careful because they might be sued. Even if the government isn’t very active in regards with this law.

2 . That the costumers or ukay-ukay fanatics refuses to prefer obtaining ukay-ukay under garments because you may get reproductive disorders.

3. Whether or not ukay-ukay is usually washed and disinfected just before it is sold, we should rinse it again thoroughly because we are not sure if it’s safe or not.

4. We recommend that the government ought to abolish the R. A. 4653 since even if there is certainly law, nonetheless many ukay-ukay stocks are imported inside our country from Japan, Korea and etc. because of the corruption inside the government.


Silverio, Ina Alleco. The Economics of Ukay Ukay. Bulatlat. com, 18 April 2011.

Cabreza, Versus. 2001. Wagwag fashion forced for Pinoys. Philippine Daily Inquirer. 18 September 2001: B1, B3.

Anonymous. 2002. Consumer confidence in RP down. Filipino Star. ’07 February 2002: 7




Male or female:

Advantages of Ukay-Ukay:

It is cheap and cost-effective.

Some in the event the clothes are top quality.

There are many types of clothes that you can choose from.

I am able to buy a lot of clothes in a small amount.

I will lessen my own expense in clothing.

It truly is fun.

Disadvantages of Ukay-Ukay:

Some clothes are not in good condition.

Most of the clothes are not top quality.

Some clothes are dirty.

It needs time and effort to obtain the clothing that you want.

It’s exhausting.

It odours bad.

My spouse and i don’t have any thought where this came from.

Brand of the Shop:

Where carry out they obtain stock?


How do you price your item?

By company.

By the type from the garmet.

Simply by quality.

By simply color.

What is the value of your weekly income?

five-hundred ” 2150

2000 ” 6000

6000 ” 12, 000

12, 000 ” 15, 000

15, 1000 ” 20, 000


Mr. /Ma’am

First of all, we would like to welcome you an excellent day! Our company is students via Saint Paul’s School of Business and Law, Incorporation. and we want to ask for the permission whenever we could interview you with regards to your “Ukay-Ukay business. We are doing a research for the advantages and disadvantages of the business

Our company is hoping for your kind advertisement most favorable account.

Yours truly

Venice Macasera

(Leader with the Group)


Sir Sam Abueva


one particular

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