Clown peel while shoe shine essay

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Shoe polish is a product used to stand out, polish, and protect natural leather footwear. Perfecting shoes raises their life span. In present times, everybody always use boot polishers because of their shoes to look look good and fantastic to walk with desirable thus increasing more confidence to the beholder. Although no everyone should know that traditional shoe shine which are available in market manufactured from harmful chemical substance and artificial ingredients that includes a bad door. Since it uses petroleum as it’s basis it is also combustible which makes it risky to human being health and could potentially cause some hazards like fires.

The banana peel is famous for its antifungal and antibiotic properties. The peel is likewise loaded with a whole lot of Vitamins, minerals and fiber A large number of articles and pamphlets declare banana peel off is actually effective in shining and smoothening surfaces like sneakers made up of natural leather.

There are many advocacies promoting environment preservation and restoration. This could help in these advocacies. For the reason that main ingredient was simply banana peel so that is going to lessen the availability of environmentally friendly garbage.

And also, the product will definitely cost lesser than patients of commercial because only the tools and a few additives are need to be bought, so we can assume comfort to those who will buy each of our product. It may also emit this tradition of just tossing banana remove instead they can collect this and donate for us to remodel it in a more useful and successful product which will happen to be the banana floors polisher.


How feasible is the development of Shinana in terms of management, operation, technical, and socio-economic aspects?

Specifically, this proposal will certainly answer the following questions:

1 . Managing Aspects

a) What is the name of the company?

b) What is the Vision?

c) Precisely what is the Mssion?

d) What kind of ownership is definitely applied?

e) Exactly what the advantages of these form of business?

f) What are the organizational policies or procedures?

2 . Marketing Factors

a) What is the item description?

b) Who are the target markets?

c) How can the product cost?

d) How much is the expected go back of investment?

e) Are there freebies or savings offered?

f) Who are the organization competitors?

g) What marketing strategies can be applied?

h) What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats?

3. Functional & Specialized Aspects

a) What are the uses/ functions/descriptions in the material or equipment? b) What are the steps in picking out the product?

4. Socio-Economic Aspects

a) How can the product help the people?

b) Just how can it help the society?

c) How can the government always be benefited?



This kind of chapter deals with the five different operations of administration which are preparing, organizing, staffing requirementws, directing, and controlling. Shinana, a word mix of the initial three characters of the phrase SHINE and the final four characters of the word BANANA, was chosen while the company name because naturally, the name itself indicates “Making things shine through banana. While envisioned by the entrepreneur, Shinana, a product intended for shoe beautification will make everybody’s shoes shine with the natural shoe-shining quality banana peelings possess.

The entrepreneur had come up with product because the girl had been encountered with Science Congress/Exhibits during her highschool times in UNIDA Christian Educational institutions. The explained events shows the school’s students outstanding innovative items, discovery, and research studies. Thankfully, the businessman had the opportunity to be one of the participants with the said Congress. Banana remove as sneaker shine strategy emerged in the said event. Since clown peelings are merely thrown-out after its fruit has been removed, our company thougths that we may help the contemporary society through abolishing the traditional manner of disposing it is peelings and process that to a even more usefulform which is SHINANA.


The main supplier in shoe beautification industry inside the Philippines accept for the creation of innovative sneaker shine goods that matches not only customer needs and wants but also the environment’s needfor careful preservation and protection.


Our enterprise shall provide successful, eco-friendly, and quality sneaker shine goods locally through efficient use and organized production of shoe stand out products with banana peelings as its main raw materials.


Shinana can be described as sole proprietorship form of business. The owner is A-Zmyn To. Honrado. When it makes name in the industry, it can expand its merchandise line(will be able to offer variety of shoeshine items ), can develop new products like floor feel, sprays, disinfectants, varnish, coloured wax polish made from clown peelings and other organic elements.


Advantages of Sole Proprietor Form of Business:

The formation of sole proprietorship business is very easy and simple. The entrepreneur possesses all and risks almost all. The entire income goes to his pocket. This motivates the proprietor to put his heart and soul in the business to earn even more profit. Therefore, the immediate relationship among effort and reward motivates the businessperson to manage the organization more efficiently and effectively. The entrepreneur requires all decisions affecting the business enterprise. This leads to better control of the business and ultimately leads to efficiency. Thus, the businessman as only proprietor could be at speedy decisions with regards to the business by which he can take the advantage of any better opportunities. Just about every aspect of the organization is looked after by the operator and the organization secrets will be known to him only. Hence, the maintenance of adequate secrecy leaves simply no scope to his rivals to be aware of the business secrets.

The only proprietorship business is undertaken on a small scale. If virtually any change is essential in businessoperations, it is quick and easy to bring all of the changes. The cost of creation of a singular proprietorship is a minimum because no cost is definitely involved in the formation. The management in the business is also inexpensive while no experts are normally designated in various useful areas of the business. The mold of the single proprietorship is likewise very easy. Since the proprietor may be the supreme power and no restrictions are applicable intended for closure from the business he can dissolve his business at any time he likes.


All individuals pass a verification method, including the completing an “Employment Verification Form, before they are really permitted to work. Nuisance in employment, including lovemaking, racial, and ethnic harassment, as well as any other harassment banned by law, is strictly forbidden by the Company The Company does not discriminate, and permit its employees to discriminate against other employees or applicants because of contest, color, religious beliefs, sex, and so forth Employees will be prohibited via engaging in web logging or “blogging during working time or while using the


Regular evaluations may be made to verify your individual improvement, training needs, and potential pay improves. Pay boosts are not computerized and be based upon factors like the employee’s demonstrated job proficiency and the Provider’s ability to spend. When present employees happen to be qualified as justified by simply our Company requires and growth, the Company gives as many possibilities for special offers as possible. Plant/Office Personnel normally scheduled eight hours every shift, forty hours each week. Habitual or perhaps excessive absenteeism and tardiness cannot be tolerated. Employees have to record their particular time in and out

Staff shall time in and out promptly, but not earlier/later than some minutes just before their scheduled starting operate time. Basic safety is every person’s business

Mind Protection: Employees exposed to traveling or slipping objects and/or electrical impact and can burn shall be safeguarded by means of permitted head protection. Eye and Face Safety: Employees working in locations where eye dangers due to soaring particles, unsafe substances or perhaps injurious lightrays are inherent in the function or environment shall be safeguarded by and shall employ employer-provided face or eye protection with Suitable displays or glasses isolating the hazardous exposure shall guard nearby staff. The using of lens is restricted in doing work environments having harmful experience of materials or perhaps light whizzes.

Body Safety: Body defense against hazardous or perhaps flying substances shall be offered by clothing suitable for the work made. Hand Safeguard: Gloves could possibly be required for personnel whose function exposes hands to harmful substances, slashes or burns up. Foot Protection: Appropriate feet protection shall be required for staff who experience foot accidents from popular, corrosive, poisonous substances, dropping objects, mashing or infiltrating actions, that might cause injuries. Ear Safeguard: Ear Protection must be donned in Creation areas.

To get safety factors, smoking of tobacco products and drinking alcohol refreshments is not really permitted. Floors shall be kept clean and dried.

Floors and platforms should be kept totally free of projections, obstructions, holes and loose Every control control keys and changes shall be effectively identified as for their function and purpose. Every shall Returning tools and equipment to proper storage place after use. Simply no jewelry, very long hair or perhaps loose clothes are allowed around any equipment while operating.


1 . Marketing head/Sole owner

a. Creates promotional technique for the products demandability. b. Sees if the merchandise meet the client’s need.

c. Formulates the uncooked material combination through intensive researches d. Sees in the event the company is profitable or perhaps not employing accounting rules

2 . Creation Manager

a. Supervises all the production staffs

b. Creates weekly reports to be submitted to the promoting head regarding the developments in production process. c. Plans his/her subordinates break/meal period.

g. Controls the standard of the completed product ahead of proceeding for the packaging process.

3. Production staff

a. Scuff marks the white part of banana peel

b. Integrates all the materials

c. Operates in plastic squeezer equipment to pack the finished products.

CHAPTER three or more


This chapter involves comprehending the target market, their particular likes and dislikes, the marketing strategies executed and how absolutely free themes evaluated the merchandise.


Shinana is a merchandise used to glow, polish, and protect leather-based footwear therefore extending really life. It comes in various forms, including polish, paste, cream, and water, and can be utilized in many other ways.


Shinana’s target markets are generally who have leather shoes. Be it an expert, students, businesswoman/man, teacher, mother, father, sister, brother. In short, everyone who wants to look presentable by perfecting their shoes or boots.


10% Discount are available to those that will buy in boxes which in turn contains 10 pcs of Shinana. Therefore, from the first price of Php 60. 00, the buyer can take advantage it to get only Php45. 00 rather. The buyer conserve Php a few. 00 every box. Similarly, those who can buy a thousand pcs, can help you up to Php 500. 00. From the original price of Php 5000. 00, potential buyers can take advantage it pertaining to only Php4500. 00.


Naturally, the number and later one competition is KIWI, owned simply by Sara Shelter. Prior to the intro of the Industry’s Product Shinana. KIWI monopolized the boot beautification sector. Since Kiwi have been operating for more than century. They operate print advertisements in a variety of national magazines. The Kiwi advertising are published in glowing red, matching the color without your knowledge of the brand’s logo. The Kiwi campaign is utilizing magazines like Black Business, Car andDriver, Cargo, African, Esquire, Mens Fitness, Countrywide Geographic and so forth. Most of the new product launches of Kiwi was in line while using changing customer preferences.


In order for Shinana to be proven to the public, the organization will work printed adverts such as flyers, posters. The business will also generate online web pages on websites like Facebook, Tweets, and Increase that will captivate prospect/future consumers’ inquiry about such product. Please seeattachments in the Appendix.



Sneaker polish usually is a blend of natural and synthetic elements. Cosmetic boot polish of varied dangerous elements. These chemicals can be conveniently absorbed through the skin causing potential harm to the skin and other organs from the body. It is crucial that in using footwear polish, one must put on gloves when you are performing so , one particular must not drink alcohol while perfecting shoes (it can boost the effects of selected chemicals), and must keep every shoe shine out of reach of kids and animal companions. If perhaps used, sneaker polish must be used in a well-ventilated area, and all of the merchandise shoud provide, with virtually any residual being discarded or given to somebody who will use this. When disposed, shoe enhance needs to be handled as a hazardous househould material. Rags or clothes utilized that come talking to the boot polish also need to be quickly discarded.

While some shoe lustrous claim to always be non-toxic, the majority of do not list their substances, so it is extremely hard to know that they are truly clear of dangerous chemical substances. But now, through the introduction of Shinana, a great eco-friendly sneaker polish, Buyers can lessen the health hazards brought by employing traditional polishers. The ingredients of Shinana contains no harmful chemicals thereby certainly not endangering a person’s health. As it doesn’t includes expensive hazardous chemicals and later need banana peel which might be only trashed after the fresh fruit has been removed, its price are cheaper than that of the traditional shoe shine. Shinana, since have said before, is an eco-friendly item for it requires no correct disposal mainly because it is all organic.


Since Shinana can be all-natural, that perishes more quickly than regarding the traditional footwear polish. Sodium is the simply preservative Shinana has, and according to tests, a bottle of Shinana last only for a single and a half month that delivered our item, in comparison to traditional old enhance, less useful to its users. Shinana was simply owned by simply A-Zmyn T. Honrado, students, who has continue to no enough capital to get the regularization of conducting business. As a result, Shinana can be short-lived organization on the grounds of economical constraint. And also, the owner still lack skills, profession, talentneeded to pursue the business seeing that she was only a second year pupil taking Business Management.


Banana is certainly much common in the Philippines. It is one of the most well-known cultivated plant life and is expanded in by least 107 countries, mainly for their fruits, and to a smaller extent for their peelings. Clown peelings expense nothing(see merchandise pricing), similar to the entrepreneur’s case. A large number of banana cue, turon, saging con yelo, halo-halo won the market. The master sees that peeling are just throwned following the fruit have been taken off for we all know that lots of of us don’t prefer to eat banana peelings aside from their fruit, although former can be edible. This poses a great opportunity for the entrepreneur for making efficient utilization of that disposed banana peelings that’s why she came up with the product.


Because of some innovation of suggestions, leather shoes are now being replaced by simply plastic shoes or boots that is relatively cheaper than that of it shoes. Many prefer plastic-type shoes since it is tough even the it is raining. And because various prefer plastic-type material over animal skin underfoot, shoe shine demandability decreases. Luckily, the corporation is on its way in formulating shoe shine product intended for plastic sneaker. Another is that, the company is without definite suppliers, the number of items that can be made is dependent around the number of clown peelings collected from everywhere. There’s no control over the resources since they are only given, not bought



This includes all the factors from the production plus the processes



75 g clown peelings1tbspoon ordinary salt

2 g black absorb dyes coloring powder


Picture of Tools


Mortar and pestle

Mortar is a rounded bottom solid walled box in which a stable material may be grinned while pestle is actually a long cylindrical wide structured rod intended for grinding in mortar

Stirring rod

A stirring rod or stir fishing rod is a part of laboratory equipment usually made of solid goblet, about the thickness and slightly for a longer time than a having straw, with rounded ends that is used to mix chemicals and liquids to get laboratory uses.

Plastic cup

A plastic cup is a throw-away cup constructed from plastic. It really is most commonly used being a container to keep liquids.

Plastic-type spoon

A plastic-type material utensil that includes a small , low bowl on the handle, employed in preparing, offering, or consuming food.

Steel Hand

A metal utensil with several prongs, employed for eating or serving foodstuff.


Picture of Equipment


Handy plastic-type sealer

A 1-foot long electric equipment that uses principle of pressure in order to seal off plactics.


1 . Clean the white-colored part of the banana peel with the use of steel fork.

2 . Mash the peeling with mortar and pestle.

3. Pour in the salt and blend it with all the peelings.

4. Roll in the dark-colored dye powdered and mix that with the peeling-salt mixture.

5. Position the finished merchandise in its product packaging.




According to many news, joblessness and underemployment rate in the Phillipines always increase yearly. There are many who may have the skills, abilities, profession nevertheless there’s no position to fill up with. The establishment from the company will provide employment to many if offered the chance to broaden its operation.

And also, Shinana helped those by providing their needs for footwear beautification demands in an eco-friendly and organic way. It will also provide for people’s demand for inexpensive goods for, the product will definitely cost lesser than patients of commercial since the tools and some additives happen to be need to be bought, so we are able to assume comfort to those who will buy the provider’s product. Shinana also may help individuals who ventured in banana fruits businesses, since the company would be the one in charge of the convenience of the peelings. So we could assume convenience to these people particularly in disposing these kinds of useful peelings.


Everybody knows that our country is in financial crisis. Resources are scarce however our demands and desires are umlimited. so indicate to say, we need to make out of everything. Shinana may help the culture by giving some concrete respond to many advocacies promoting environment preservation and restoration. Shinana may help during these advocacies for the reason that main ingredient was merely banana peel off so that will certainly lessen the availability of eco-friendly garbage. It can possibly emit the tradition of just throwing banana peel instead they will collect that and donate to the company for the company to transform it into a more useful and effective item which are actually the clown shoe polisher. The Section of Overall health, issues crisis instructions about the INHALATION, FIXING THEIR GAZE, SKIN CONTACT of boot polish.

One other is that, In Los Angeles and a lot other places, boot polish is disallowed in the regular waste. It must be disposed of as a harmful material like mercury, because it often is made up of materials just like naphtha and turpentine. Shinana can help the society, especially by meeting the needs for a chemical-free shoepolish while replacement towards the traditional footwear polish which contains significant amount of dangerous chemicals. Shinana provided way to reusing the peel to polish the shoe through oils as well as the potassium present in banana polish that can preserve ones shoes. After the herbal oils and potassium has been scraped from the remove, the company will certainly compost the peel.

Through Shinana, we can have lustrous shoes without damaging the society’s well-beingand without risking the environment, leaving zero product packaging waste.


Government helps bring about business activity in the Israel for it will have a drastic impact in the economical health in the country. The more the business actions the faster is the circulation of the Filipino Currency. The more the business activity, spending prevails over conserving. Shinana may help the government by conforming to economic programs initiated by government. An additional is that, the company, if will probably be given a chance to expand its operations should be able to export Shinana that will ultimately become not only as a method to obtain pride pertaining to the Filipinos but will also help in elevating the country’s GDP or Gross Home-based product which is one of the way of measuring our country’s economic overall performance.

Lastly, government will be taken advantage of because businesses are required to enroll the business. They collect such registration fees, licences costs. Another is the fact, because of the inherent power of the state of hawaii, the company have to pay taxes to the federal government that are used for the government to defray their particular necessary bills.

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