Top Two Issues Facing Community College Essay

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This kind of topic came up repeatedly as I was researching crucial issues intended for higher education in the community college environment, the vo-tech training universities, and the four-year postsecondary universities. Grace Chen (2011) publishes articles Community college or university leaders have not yet created a opinion on what it means for students to become college prepared, that could impact the caliber of the education received. This is problems is because the receiving corporations make the entrance requirement and the core subjects (math, British, reading) during these various colleges use several tests/standards for placement of learners.

Also, pertaining to the community college, there is no guarantee that adult students will go to in cumulative semesters and so there is much more re-teaching necessary. Community college students can be as fresh as 16 and still in high school very driven to go to a post-secondary environment, or perhaps they can be a middle-aged individual who is divorced, a single parent or guardian, just laid-off trying to gain some skills to re-enter the workforce. This major issue facing community schools, according to the study, can be finding the right incentives and support to keep college students in school (Chen, 2011, Keeping Pupils in School, afin de. 1). Illinois participated in a multi-state study that particularly looks at community colleges while the Road to Nowhere fast.

Complete College America (2012) contains a four step solution to close remediation quit ramps. These steps are: strengthen senior high school preparation, begin students in college-level training with built/in, co-requisite support, embed required academic aid in multiple entrance courses, and encourage students to enter courses of research when they first enroll. Transferability

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