The Testament by John Grisham Essay

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Troy Phelan is definitely an incredibly rich man. So prosperous that it is extremely hard for an average joe to grasp his sort of good fortune. This individual has skilled all that funds has to offer countless vehicles, countless females, and countless adventures.

But at the conclusion of his life, the moment all has been said and carried out, he offers nothing. His contact with those best to him has been his life’s inability he has not been a genuine father nor has this individual ever been a true husband. As he describes, I was estranged coming from all the girlfriends or wives and all the youngsters. They’re gathered here today because I’m dying and it’s time for you to divide the money. (p. 2) But no one sees that Troy Phelan is not really about to die.

Although they all spend money they have not as yet inherited, this individual hatches a plot to commit suicide and, in a final take action of rudeness to those closest to him, disinherits most of his ex-wives and children leaving all heavily in debt and as ruined as he is. Were it not for the tragedy of his circumstance, Troy’s final actions could possibly be seen as the supreme act of cruelty. However , taking into consideration the pathetic condition that a person of his power has found himself in, one can carry out little more than pity this seemingly powerfulk and yet wretchedly weak man.

This individual blames everybody except him self for how his kids have been found greedy and self-centered, he fails to see how they, in fact reflection him. This is a man who, irrespective of a tough external, in his last days has no one and so, little more to accomplish than plan his individual dramatic death. Troy’s illegitimate daughter Rachel shares not her father’s money nor his outlook on life.

The girl grew up with adoptive parents after having a one evening stand with Troy remaining her young single mother wrecked, exclusively and taking once life. A doctor, Rachel is known as a devout Christian and offers devoted her life to God by simply serving Him as a missionary in the far, remote tropics of Brazil with a company called World Tribes. After changing her identity to Rachel Porter to hide her personality and link with Troy Phelan, she confides with just one person, her colleague Neva at Universe Tribes about her real identity. Rachel is nor selfish nor self-centered.

Everything the lady does is for the Indian people who this lady has adopted because her friends and family. Rachel rejects the notion of the American Dream as well as the materialism that accompanies this. In her phrases, It’s a sad culture. People live in a frenzy.

They work all the time to make funds to buy things to impress others. They’re scored by what that they own. (p. 233) In contrast to her father, your woman owns almost nothing and yet is the happiest person in the book.

Rachel shocks everyone once she neglects the gift of money that her father Troy leaves her after his suicide. Few can grasp the idea that the lot of money is insufficient to lure her away from her existence in the Brazilian jungle. But for Rachel, the money could only complicate the simple life she has created for herself. Contrary to all of Troy’s other kids, Rachel is totally and satisfied with her life and has no desire to complicate that with 14 billion us dollars.

Once she finally does reexamine, she does it for factors that would not really enter the heads of most materially based people -she is already ill very little and legal documents the money to charity pertaining to the extension of missionary work in distant parts of the earth. Not one single penny of her father’s funds benefits Rachel’s life directly and that is exactly as she desires.

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