Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook Essay

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Social networking has been a common use on the Internet in today’s technology. One of these well-known social networking sites is definitely Facebook that has over an incredible number of members linking with good friends every day.

The popularity of Facebookers in Indonesia has been increasing so much that soon it is going to reach 43 billion people in 2012 (kompas. com about first February 2012). Nevertheless , in society there are pro and contrarrevolucion viewpoints concerning using Facebook in the day to day life. Based on this issue we would describe more regarding the advantages and drawbacks that people might get from Facebook . com so that you may decide whether or not you want to employ Facebook. We certainly have two common advantages we might get by Facebook including easy connection and successful advertisement whilst about the disadvantages we certainly have decreasing the direct conversation and wasting your time.

First of all, Facebook . com has two major positive aspects. The first advantage of employing Facebook is the fact it helps reduce our communication. For example when folks want to communicate with their friends or perhaps family in foreign countries, they not anymore need to post mails which need a large amount of time and money.

A letter to Timor Leste for instance costs us one particular billions rupee. Not only that, the letter will take 10 years to succeed in the treat. Facebook supplies several features such as communicating, personal messaging, and photo sharing which enable us to share info with other Facebookers easily. Simply by clicking on the ‘post’ switch in Facebook . com, we can send out pictures, video clips, or straightforward sweet greetings for the individuals we love who are miles far from us.

Together with the existence of Facebook, distance no longer turns into obstacle to get our connection. Facebook seems like constricting the globe. Another advantage of using Facebook is that it becomes an efficient destination to advertise each of our products.

Useful here are as money, hard work. For example , we are able to use Fb to advertise the products or events for free, while in the different media just like newspaper, the airwaves, or tv, we have to pay a certain amount of money. Even, if we want to advertise each of our product in Jawa Post, we have to spend Rp.

2 hundred. 000 intended for only a two-line advertising campaign. Furthermore, we do not need much time to disseminate our advertisements. We just need to sit in the front from the computer, publish the advertisement and share it by means of Facebook by simply only clicking “share” key.

In a few minutes, our item will spread all over the world and since a consequence, everyone will know and read our advertisement in their Facebook accounts. Moreover, through the use of Facebook, we should not the actual conventional way of spreading similar where we must stand for a very long time on the crowd giving the advertisements towards the consumers. Instead of doing that tiring method, we only need to sit, receive connected to Facebook and share the advertisements.

Consequently , we absolutely save a huge amount of one’s. Besides the positive aspects as referred to in the previous section, Facebook even offers two prevalent disadvantages. The first drawback to using Facebook . com is that that decreases the direct connection between yourselves and other persons. Communicating by utilizing Facebook, this means that you do not carry out face to face conversation with your good friends and only applying computers to obtain.

Indeed through the use of Facebook, you are able to exchange information and generate conversation with your friends. However , you will lose one important aspect of communication which is nonverbal communication. It provides eye contact, motion, voice sculpt and coming in contact with. Actually, nonverbal communication is really important because it will help to express the feeling and emotions strongly.

To illustrate, once your friend is usually sad and crying, you can calm her/him down simply by patting her/his shoulder. If you use Facebook to communicate, you can show your support and compassion straightforwardly. The 2nd disadvantage of using Facebook is that it wastes our period.

Once people interact with their good friends on Facebook or myspace, they will usually chat with these people for hours and be curious to find out what they are undertaking and sense by looking for their friends’ constantly updated status. Furthermore, Facebook as well provides many kinds of online games just like Poker and Cityville. Generally people want to play free games on Facebook while awaiting the newest status of good friends.

When they acquire new announcements, they will decrease the game, look at the new warning announcement, and then continue the game. It occurs on and upon. As the end result, people will never realize that they may have spent many hours only for connecting to Facebook. Basically, with the period of time, you can do the duty or other things that are useful including doing groundwork or reading books.

To sum up, there are two-points of perspective about Facebook or myspace: agree and disagree. The people who accept the employing of Facebook or myspace find it useful to ease communication and provide effective advertisements. Nevertheless , people who don’t agree with the employing of Facebook or myspace think that it truly is decreasing immediate communication and wasting time activity.

Therefore , it is your decision to agree or differ of the applying of Fb.

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