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The Tennessee Degree Commission (THEC) gave the state’s colleges and universities a require wherein such colleges and universities were given five years to pull out all point out funding from intercollegiate athletics programs. THEC made a decision to take out all express funding from athletic courses in all Tn state universites and colleges by 2007 (Davis 2003). ETSU usually spends an estimated money 6 million on the intercollegiate athletic programs. Half of this volume comes from condition funding.

According to Stanton, recouping the entire athletic bill through learners fees needs an additional money 400 per year. This would be on top of a double-digit percentage fee increase already expected (Watson 2003a). To fulfill a 9% reduction in condition allocations, ETSU had to locate a $ six. 4 million cut in the general college or university and medical budgets to get the school 12 months of 2003-2004. In addition to that, ETSU needed another 2% reduction of the $ 138.

7 million price range to compensate intended for inflation. Stanton stood firm – in the event the school rejected to eliminate their $ one particular million basketball deficit, university employees was to lose all their jobs (Watson 2003a). Thus, the loss of express funding successfully left ETSU with no choice but to re-evaluate its price range allocations among its many athletic programs.

Football, in the final draw, was the program that was cut as a result of program’s enormous yearly shortage. What Happened for the Players When Stanton announced the interruption of ETSU’s football software, he as well stated which the university can be honoring existing football scholarships. However , what also occurred was that each player was launched from his scholarship and was allowed to play in another school immediately devoid of sitting out a time of year like standard transfers (Davis 2003). The moment workouts began during the first month of the 2003 time, only one upperclassman had made a decision to transfer. That left 63 players for the Buccaneers’ roster for their final season.

From the 15 people in the placing your signature to class, your five freshmen truly still enrollment. Every helper coach, such as 6 employed that winter for the final season, remained on the staff regardless of the announcement to discontinue this program after the 2003 season (Davis 2003). Players however had been probably one of the groups which has been hit the hardest with the announcement by the university’s president. Starting their last season, various players had been left doubtful about their futures. The instructors tried hard in pushing the Buccaneers but they misplaced 5 in the 12 online games they played in their final season.

One of those defeats included one especially painful one particular against Central Michigan, a Division I-A team inside the Southern Convention. School heart had left behind the soccer games, with attendance at your home games averaging around a few, 000 spectators only (Calhoun 2005). Fortunately, the sports team by itself kept their particular spirit unchanged.

In their Chattanooga game win, the Buccaneers played as good they out of cash the school record for most items in a game, 68-7. Nevertheless , non-e of those could stop the inevitable. Even though some of the ETSU football players were recruited to play for other educational institutions, others were left to consider losing their very own scholarships, and their college education, throughout the rest of the entire season. It was just after the the year 2003 season was over which the players still left in the Buccaneers roster found that their particular scholarships had truly continued to be intact until they each graduated (Calhoun 2005). Stanton got kept his word.

Most leftover players on basketball scholarships who not still left the college or university retained their very own scholarships until they managed to graduate.

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