Some Problems in Vietnamese Education System Essay

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Education takes on an important role with every single country, especially with the financial development, which can be the same in Vietnam. After two battles of hostility, the Thai economy was affected significantly so the Eventual Government of Vietnam identified that at this point, the development of education is the first priority. Within a country, in the event the rate of educated person is large, it means the indicators of economic development will also go up. The quality workforce who may be better experienced and trained in an accurate education will be a motivation for future growth.

In respect the figure data of Vietnam lately, the economy has already established a remarkable functionality. GDP progress increased eight. 5% in 2006, 8. 2% in 3 years ago and almost eight. 5% last year. Growth this season is expected at 6th.

5 percent in line with the same supply ( through the education in Vietnam, Captain christopher Runckel, www. Business-in-Asia. com). Education has the meaning with not only the introduction of economy yet also the Vietnamese culture and contemporary society. It is seen as a progressive approach and contributes to social reforms. Therefore , the government of Vietnam has collection the top priority of education in terms of the budget.

Various recent years, education occupies approximately 20% of state budget expenditures and accounts for 5. 5% of GDP (source: Department of Finance and Planning, MOET, 2008). Nevertheless , now, the Vietnamese education system provides several significant problems that will make bad effects not only at the moment but also in the future, if the government don’t care and find the appropriate solutions to improve in time. At the moment, the journals and the stations of information usually mention to 3 problems which is considerate the most prominent delete word are the wreckage of top quality in the education and schooling, the problem and the assault in school.

These problems are perplexing the Japanese educate managers who making attempt to enhance the current situation. The initially problem is destruction of quality in the education and training which is biggest because it can affect badly the caliber of human resources. The degradation derives from many reasons such as the shortage of school materials, the curriculum more theory than practice, a lecturer-centered method of teaching and learning Beginning with the education for children in the nursery and the primary school, within the regulations promulgated by The Ministry of Education and Schooling (MOET), there must not be more than 35 students in every single class which usually must be taken care by two educators.

In general, each nursery category always has the number of pupils within the limit actually there are classes that have 50-70 pupils, especially in big urban centers such as Anordna Noi, Ho Chi Minh. With this example, many baby room teachers indicated that they had to work hard and get stress filled and intense because of the overloading classes. We were holding always concerned about accidents which may happen to the youngsters, especially for lunch time or break time (from: Nursery school getting more and more overloaded, Tien Phong, www. sunflowermission. org).

Clearly, this situation has to be eliminated as soon as possible. Dang Huynh Mai, Vice President of Vietnam Association intended for Protection of Children’s Privileges said that it can be seen the existence of the classes that have the numbers of college students exceeding the bounds as an action that violates the children’s rights plus the kids ought to enjoy a better care and learning environment. Besides, the existing curriculum is definitely not appropriate though it is often reform repeatedly before.

Various parents that have their kids inside the primary university complained that because of the heavy curriculum, they had to hire instructors to give extra lessons for their children. coming from: Heavy primary education curricula make father and mother worried sick and tired, www. sunflowermission. org). The training and training in universities and training educational institutions has also related situation. At the moment, most the private universities in Vietnam build the model of teaching in a large lecture place with 2 hundred students in support of one lecturer. From reasons which are mentioned above, as a result, the caliber of current staff has been afflicted.

According to the General Statistics Business office GSO, last season, the number of skilled laborers just amounted to less than a fifth of the total labor force, and only 17. percent of employees aged 15 and bigger went through technological training courses. And also the US Delegate to Vietnam Eileen Michalak mentioned on an document in 2008: Universities are not able to develop the number of knowledgeable managers and skilled personnel needed by Vietnam’s updating economy, the industry failure in Vietnam’s educational system. Insufficient qualified recruiting is the solitary biggest component limiting Vietnam’s future advancement and economical growth. In short, the derogation of quality in education and schooling is big problem which has to care and solve right now.

The second is actually the corruption in Vietnamese education which is often seen as a risk for social moral. In overview, the average annual wage of educator in Vietnam is approximately 19. 2 mil dong which is often seen as rather low when comparing with 18 other countries in the Asia Region (from: Vietnam: education financing, World Bank). The reduced income wants a catalytic factor for the disease dispersing corruption.

In accordance the study of Dennis C. McCornac, associate mentor of economics at Bea Arundel Community College, problem in Vietnamese education is definitely pervasive, specifically regarding college student and teacher behavior. Morceaus for institution entrance, examination and assessment are just a couple of examples of methods in both equally secondary and higher education areas. In addition , Prof McCornac carried out an informal study of classes, more than 95 percent of students reported they had conned at least once within a class and everything had discovered situations of cheating by simply other learners.

Cheating is definitely looked at as being so prevalent, many people involved whom think that social and peer pressure play a significant function in the decision to be a cheater. Therefore , there is no doubt that the Vietnamese education product is in need of procedures to up against the corruption. In the conclusion of Prof McCornac, he declared corruption was epidemic, and actions needed to be taken to replace the environment in which these techniques flourish.

The third problem is college violence, this can be now a big problem in Vietnam education and that we still ought to find a lot of better alternatives. However , there has to be reason for every problems. Consequently , we need to discover what stands behind this kind of. There are present many feasible reasons which come from 3 main resources: family, public (included school) and themselves. All of these are simply some amazing reasons of faculty violence.

This problem is extremely severe, the urgent bell is usually ringing. Inputting school violence on Google, the searching tool will show 2, 160, 1000 links linking to the reports about university violence. In HCM City, in April 2010, the city’s education and teaching department organized a seminar on dealing with school violence.

At the seminar, Huynh Cong Minh, Director of the education and training department, publicly stated that even though school assault has been existing for a long time, lately the number of situations and the seriousness of the instances have greatly increased (from: Gang combats becoming obsession in colleges, www. sunflowermission. org). With the effects of this problem, Deputy Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Education and Teaching Tran Quang Quy explained MOET has been applying thorough measures in an effort to stop institution violence. With three serious problems above, the Japanese education program need to increase as soon as possible.

The best leaders of Vietnam identified these problems and following direction in the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Nguyen Suntan Dung, Nguyen Thien Nhan, Deputy Prime Minister, at the same time Minister of Education and Training, and a Fulbright scholar offers designed an ambitious software to restructure the national educational system and talk about its burial plot deficiencies in 08. According the study of Michael Michalak U. S. Ambassador to Vietnam, some noteworthy policies in the plan of Deputy Perfect Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan are concluding the universalization of education, innovation the courses programs for teacher, overhauling the national curricula for any subjects by any means levels, developing internationally identified universities and improving quality standards for teachers through continuing education and competition.

In addition , Minister Nhan proposed change for advanced schooling including mandatory enrollment, establishment of minimal quality standards, national accreditation and curriculum development courses ( coming from: Vietnamese education through the American view, Michael Michalak U. T. Ambassador to Vietnam, http://www. sunflowermission. org). Besides that, Vietnam needs the effort with overseas countries to developing the education system including America, Sydney, England, Russia For instance, inside the recent ending up in Ambassador Michalak, Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has exclusively requested American Government in two key factors: Starting an American school in Vietnam and Teaching 2, five-hundred Vietnamese Ph. D. h in the U. S. simply by 2020.

With problem of corruption, The Ministry of Education and Training has to establish a stringent management system. While the conclusion of Prof Dennis C. McCornac in his analyze, he explained If Vietnam desires to attain an international common education system, required reconstructs are necessary. Perhaps, most importantly, there must be a amazing change in the attitude and thinking by students, teachers and parents. (from: Problem in Vietnamese higher education, Dennis C. McCornac).

The school violence is happening extremely complex, current solutions with this situation happen to be improving the interaction between the teachers and students, making sure an equal environment in learning, making eaching and learning operations active and child-centred, promoting a program that generates in children respect individuals, raising knowing of parents on positive self-discipline and appropriate interaction via parents to their child, promoting for effective participation of kids and their father and mother in school affairs, enhancing the capability of school principals and mind teachers to guarantee the environment at school is friendly and the previous is improving the participation of inspectors and local education authorities. Those are ten key areas for program making educational institutions free from physical violence which is called The Octagon framework of Myrna Evora regional overseer, Plan Asia in her article about clear approaches to violence.

In overview, the education with Vietnam is an important aspect and as a face of your country with all the world which in turn brings to people knowledge and awareness. It can be extremely pleased if the country has the progress education and the producing economy. The government always devotes all goals for education because the superior quality of workforce derives through the accurate informed orientation device trained recruiting will contribute to the development of nation. Day by day, many problems in Vietnamese education system appear that can cause many negative effects, even more difficult, the level of effect will become a lot more serious in case the managers of education have zero solutions with time.

Therefore , the federal government and the market leaders in the education need to generate more efforts to control each step of the process of education and improve it to get better.

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