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Marlow felt that he did not need to get to know their life-style because the English language ways and also the light areas on earth were already ‘perfect’. In a way, Marlow was likening the people that is known to plants which require light to outlive but , if they happen to be left at nighttime they become withered and disfigured… like the dark-colored race.

This is certainly an extremely racist point of view and Conrad here displayed the common view that, if an individual did not have the same coloured skin area, they were dysphemistic and unusual. Conrad feels as though he is not racist because he experienced sympathy intended for the local people if the rest of England did not. Mcdougal displays the conventional attitude of the white man in nineteenth century England because he thought nothing of places outside of England or perhaps other american societies.

Conrad also describes Africa since “the biggest, the most blank” space within the world map of those days. This looks by Africa being a playground pertaining to the English to explore rather than the place wherever another similarly brilliant traditions existed. Explorers then would not view black beings while people, these people were often looked upon as wild animals that do not really wash or live life within a satisfactory method compared to the Uk. Also when describing the Congo River, Conrad uses the metaphor of a fish which “charms” Marlow into wanting to explore and trade on the lake as a way of life.

This is basically planning to hide the fact that Marlow was curious by the environment he was in and would not want to leave the amazing sights he had seen while on his voyage through The african continent. Overall after that we can see that Marlow revealed an extremely hurtful attitude the moment describing the African places he encountered. Even when having been finally “charmed” he resisted to admit that he did the truth is love the Africa environment. Though Conrad can be racist this individual has in some ways shown compassion for the black competition.

The author provides actually based his publication on the experiences that he himself experienced when providing as a vapor boat chief on the lake Congo. To be able to protect call him by his name so that the English language people probably would not look straight down upon him, Conrad uses a fictional figure, Marlow, to stand in to get himself. Kurtz, who is the person whom Marlow is asking about over the story, is a bad character (antagonist). Kurtz committed many atrocities resistant to the black people including making a little dictatorship of which he was the leader as well as the indigenous everyone was the subjects.

He also had taken an indigenous woman being a mistress and took good thing about Africa’s methods by taking a great deal ivory. When you look further into the that means of the tale it becomes quite clear that Kurtz does actually symbolize The european union. I can tell this because his mother and father are half People from france and half European. Likewise Kurtz’s illness represents the eventual loss of life of imperialism because of its incapability to esteem the culture and lenders of Africa.

Finally Kurtz’s wealth and ability to perform his job well is similar to Europe mainly because even though they exploited The african continent they did generate immense levels of money and were extremely good at keeping order in the invaded country. Conrad does therefore believe that the Africans were being used and he was disgusted on the fact. In summary, when Conrad describes the indigenous persons and their natural environment around the lake Congo he gives of your attitude that is certainly typical of any 19th century white man. He was reluctant to show affinity for the people and showed a unique attitude totally to the white colored men he described.

When describing the white men, all he has on their behalf is praise. Also Conrad does seem to have a very stereotypical view of anyone that is known as a different competition and coloring. If they are dark-colored in his eyes that meant that they were wild and barbaric, barely actually human by any means. Finally this book proves that he do have comfortable side and felt pertaining to the African people to get he well knew which the Europeans were taking advantage of the time and simple, innocent lives in Africa.

Even though Conrad did not use himself while the main figure he portrayed his profound and honest feelings through Marlow. General this book is usually, even though at times stereotypical and racist, a cry to help from Conrad and the black persons. Conrad wished to get his message throughout, that what was happening in Africa was unacceptable, but still keep his dignity in tact. Simply by writing the heart of darkness this individual did so, well.

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