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points in their quest. In both cases, the old guys appear fragile and ill-suited to endurance in the tough world of the novel.

In the first instance the father refuses to ensure that the old man (49-52), but in the 2nd instance the father agrees to aid the old man (161-174), suggesting uncertainty and inconsistency in his moral thinking. Yet how might the father have replied if he previously followed a particular branch of moral philosophy in approaching these kinds of situations? Thesis chosen: If the father got approached these kinds of situations as a deontologist he would have helped both old men, but if he previously approached the situations as being a utilitarian he would have refused to help both equally men.

In staying true to the path of all deontologists, we could say that acquired the father been a practitioner of the said philosophy, he would have helped both old guys in their particular scenarios of need. Since generally defined, deontology is a ethical common sense of a certain act which founds itself around the intent of the act by itself to function as the basis that to determine the values of the said act. Additionally it is accepted that deontologists rely on the existence of widespread moral norms that transcend boundaries, signing up to everyone; the consumer helping out one other individual being one of them.

To deontologists, is duty-bound to assist his other man; doing this would allow one to adhere to what they deem because the categorical imperative, and would consequently be a fulfillment of responsibility. Had the father in Cormac McCarthy’s The street been a follower with this approach upon ethics, he would have helped both older guys who were in need, and should anyone else arrive requiring virtually any manner of assistance, then he would have looked to help them away too. The foundation of deontology requires the particular one should always fulfill the moral obligation of the individual, which lies in agreement with the explained norms that apply to everyone.

Should any kind of evil or perhaps unpleasant consequence surface in the said action, one would stay morally natural as one experienced only carried out what was determined by the obligations of the individual; a dying lawbreaker nursed to health who continue to practice crime will be responsible for his own activities and the healer would continue to be pure as he had simply acted upon this said moral norm: this is actually the basis of deontology. Had the father been a practitioner of utilitarianism, however , then he’d have gone and ignored both men. Helping out any of them might only hinder them in their goal of finding lasting security and haven for the boy.

We should keep in mind that the journey was brought about by the need for a secure future for the young man as his father is weakening too. The pilgrimage is led by the daddy with no specific destination, and therefore no particular timeframe. To consider other concerns such as assisting old men who have nothing to contribute to the group and should be used with all of them would just serve as a liability could only wait and possibly price the success of the expedition.

Utilitarianism is the notion of analyzing an action’s meaningful worth by simply basing it on the result or consequences of the previously mentioned action, which means perfect manifestation of the maxim The end justifies the means. Utilitarians typically keep in mind the actual deem to be the greater good and anything lower than that is to get considered expendable. As opposed to deontologistic belief of any universal ethical norm, utilitarians believe the pinnacle of ethics to be to spread delight, maximizing it to the most number of people, regardless of what.

This means that they are really willing to sacrifice the pleasure of the few for that of many. Therefore , making use of this into Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, acquired the father inside the story served out in a utilitarian fashion, he would not have helped both old men, since they would possess nothing to present to aid these people in their quest. Works Mentioned McCarthy, Cormac. The Road.

Vintage Books, 3 years ago.

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