The hereditary disease progeria essay

Progeria, also known as Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria symptoms (HGPS), is a rare disease that causes kids to grow older eight instances faster than they are meant to. It was discovered in England in 1886 and was given its name Jonathan Hutchinson, who initially discovered it and Hastings Gilford, who had been the first to label the disease as Progeria. The name Progeria is derived from Greek and means “prematurely old. Progeria is usually referred to as an “early maturing disease.  It is fortunately an extremely rare disease.

Just 100 circumstances have been reported since it was discovered in fact it is estimated to affect only 1 to a couple of children in 8 million. There are currently only four kids in the UK and about 45 around the world that are affected with all the disease. It is, however , an especially tragic disease in that it typically hits children ahead of the age of ten years, and they usually die at about 13. Most youngsters don’t live beyond all their teenage years, though a couple of children afflicted with Progeria have existed to their early on 20s.

The life-span for children with Progeria varies from 7 to twenty-seven. 5 years.

Progeria is definitely an rare genetic disease that increases the aging process to about several or eight times the regular rate. Because of this accelerated ageing, a child of ten years will have similar respiratory, cardiovascular, arthritic conditions a 70-year-old could have. Children that have Progeria are normal when they are born and their development stops at the end of the first year. Then they possibly come across a sluggish increase to the size of a 2 or 3 yr old child. They normally are short and the total elevation usually never exceeds four feet or perhaps the height of the 5 yr old child. That they develop a relatively large head with a tiny face and a beaked pinched-like nose area.

They also have a receding chin, prominent eyes, absence of eye brows and eyelashes, and very tiny hair, in the event that any. Their crooked smile take longer to grow and frequently require removing one or more tooth in order to make room for more. They have tight wrinkled skin that is aged-looking. Additionally they develop prominent scalp blood vessels, a thin chest, a protruding abdomen and have conceivable enlargement with the spleen. The youngsters die through the complications of they symptoms that are developed. Cardiovascular complications is the key cause of 75% of the people who passed away.

Due to the severe rarity of Progeria, tiny research has been done untilresent years. However after many years of knowing just that Progeria’s origin was genetic instead of environmental, in April the year 2003, researchers isolated the genetic mutation that causes Progeria. Therefore , the gene has been located. This advancement brings hope to all the people affected by Progeria. Still, by right now, you cannot find any known get rid of or treatment. However , you will find treatments intended for the symptoms such as medication and exercise.

The cause of the illness is unidentified but is thought to be due to a genetic abnormality. Kids from almost all races and cultures around the world have been affected. It is an autosomal recessive disease, meaning that someone carrying a mutation in a single gene does not show any kind of symptoms. Once two people who have the gene for Progeria have a child, that kid has a 1 in 5 chance of getting two recessive alleles and so having the disease. (See back again (pg. 4) for further comprehension of inheritance routine of this disease). Progeria is definitely a tragic disease that hopefully sooner or later will have a remedy.


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