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. a. r. c. ) Of GreenwicThe Greenwich Association intended for Retarded Individuals (G. A. R. C. ) of Greenwich Excessive

The Greenwich Association for Retarded Citizens (G. A. R. C. ) of Greenwich

Excessive is a band of students considering interacting with impaired students.

These students go to the high school as well, and look toward getting to

understand us. All the students will vary disabilities but they each have

the desire to make friends. This group is completely volunteer basis for all of

it is members, no person has to attend. I have been a part of this group for the

three years I use attended in Greenwich Large. Spending time and effort with

these types of children I have learned to know that they are merely looking to make


I actually joined this group as a freshman mainly because I had individuals children

with Down Problem during the 8th grade by Central Central School. My own

interest continued through out the years because of the numerous fun moments I

have gotten, and have manufactured friends with many of the girls. They are all very

personable and pleasant to with. They each have exceptional characteristics

understanding them from your others, producing each of them exceptional in different methods

just like the rest us.

Besides the meetings that we have every so often to go over

activities we could do, we all usually perform fun and interesting activities. All of us go out

intended for pizza usually because it appears to be the group consensus in what we will

all want to eat. During the holidays we all celebrate in interesting techniques, on

Halloween we have a celebration where each one gets outfitted and brings candy. Pertaining to

the Christmas season we are going to celebrate using a party by a associates house

and listen to Christmas carols, and have meal. We have got bake sales and

were bought candy in order to raise cash for the clubs actions. These are

usually a success mainly because every one participates and we almost all seem to function

well as a group. When you will discover dances or perhaps football game titles at college we every take

one of the girls as well as good for all of them because they will get to connect to the

rest of the school in a big function.

This club is not only fun, but its like going to a meeting with some of

your friends. We are a small group and we most get along. Since we are a small

group it is additionally difficult for all of us to do a lots of things. It is hard to

instruct the larger area of the public who doesnt know very well what these youngsters are like.

Also, it is hard to improve money to complete many activities. It would be great if more

kids would join every year, and it will be great if the ignorance level had

reduced. Many students just don’t want to know nearly anything of these youngsters. I chose

to talk about G. A. R. C. because it is a group that could make use of help in the community

by Greenwich large, and I thought I could support by outlining exactly what we all do.

How come talk about another thing, when I could tell of some thing I enjoy which

needs even more attention.

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