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Lucy Edwards, a former Traditional bank of New You are able to vice president, and her partner Peter Berlin was offender to the biggest cases pounds laundering. The couple was admitted for the United states Region in Manhattan after about 18 months of investigation. Sharon Edwards and Peter munich who is couple was declare to idol judges that they helped a group of tiny but noteworthy connected Russian banks make an elaborate cash laundering structure that shifted billions of dollars out of Russia through the American bank.

We were holding said that for more than 10 years until 99, there were more than $7billion still left Russia illegally and ran through a network of the front company accounts which were set up and controlled simply by Lucy Edwards and Philip Berlin in Bank of New York. Following that, the money was transferred to just offshore accounts. The network was created to eased the way in which for more than 160, 000 electronic transactions to move between Russia and the Us. There are a few purposed why the designed the network, which is to evade Russia taxes in money coming from legitimate business transactions, to avoid Russian traditions duties on imports and “wash” the profits of outright criminal enterprises through legit banks.

Mr and Mrs Bremen was paid nearly $2 million for services to conduct the illegal banking activities in the United states. Ms Edwards know the fact that activities we were holding doing is illegal and she also stated that many accounts holder used the be the cause of illegal reasons. After the investigation, the few was sentenced up to a decade in prison and heavy fines within the accused of series of federal crimes. Yet , Bank of New York has not been accused of any wrongdoing but Ms Edwards was fired following your federal funds laundering analysis. Nevertheless, continue to decide to research and selecting whether to pursue legal charges against a lender when an expert breaks the law.

After a several court, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Munich and 3 companies manipulated by Mr Berlin which can be Benex, Goulot International and Lowland was pleaded accountable to few cases, which can be laundering cash to promote lawbreaker activity and defraud the Russian government, conducting unlicensed banking businesses, establish an unauthorized subset of a foreign lender, operating an illegal money transmitting organization, making inappropriate payments into a bank worker, receiving against the law payments as a bank worker and laundering payments in foreign countries, tax forestalling and fraudulently helped a huge selection of Russians protected bogus kompakti?kas for visit the United states which will most of them be working in Russian banking industry. Besides previously mentioned accused instances, Ms. Edwards also staying investigate pertaining to bribery circumstance over her superiors in the bank’s Asian European division. They pay out $500 monthly to Svetlana Kudryavtse to make certain the Benex accounts were operating properly.

Ms. Edwards told the the courtroom regarding the falsely accused of money laundering and other techniques, she stated that she was first approached simply by representative of Depozitarno-Kliringovy Bank by Russia who were interested in using the Bank of recent York’s office and technology to unlawfully move funds out coming from Russia. Besides that, Mr Bremen opened a merchant account on behalf of firms like Benex, Bees and Lowland and overseeing the account in Moscow. The wife, Ms Edwards on the other hand helped mounted a computer computer software for the office of Benex to allow these people moved the cash electronically.

In another case, the couple opened Lowland in Hat City to advance money by Flamingo Traditional bank through Bank of New York. The couple received $1. 8 million which displayed a percentage from the money transferred through Benex network intended for the services and handlers in Moscow. The couple deposited their money in offshore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes in Unites States. Ms. Edwards and Mr. Bremen was word to the more 10 years in prison that they pleaded guilty. Furthermore, they surrendered about $1 million to the government bodies, which some of the money taken care of in Swiss bank account.

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