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After studying the two articles on the turmoil between if the Washington Redskin’s should transform their brand, and after reading Chris Hoenig’s and Christopher Gasper’s thoughts and ideas on the matter, I feel they shouldn’t change their name. The coach of the football team assures all of us that the brand of the group isn’t likely to offend any person or be racist yet instead signify tradition with the Native Americans in a good way. Besides Daniel Synder saying that he will never change the name with the team, he also says that when he thinks with the name this individual thinks of “tradtions and pride [he] wants to share with [his] three children”. (Hoenig article)

This case is a intricate dilemma and not everyone can be blessed with the results. Some individuals want the name of Washington’s soccer team to remain the way it really is while other interpret it as ethnicity. Then you include people who will probably be angered in case the name was changed like Jerry Jones who owns the Dallas Cowboys and is also a powerful NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE owner. This individual feels the intent with the name will be good. Retired Patawomeck Group Chief Robert Green would be “offended in the event that they did change” andsays there is a big decrease in references to Of india peopleand that if these were to get rid of this, these recommendations would almost go wiped out. (Hoenig article)

I firmly feel the identity shouldn’t be transformed because tradition of this term and franchise has been around for almost eighty years. Also, many other sports teams even inside the professionals have team names they could be looked at as just as offensive. Some of these groups are the Altlanta ga Braves and Cleveland Indians which are snowboarding teams, Blackhawks which is a hockey team, and the Kansas City Chiefs which is another specialist football group just like the Redskins. (Gasper article) I get this unusual because so much attention is being drawn toward the Buenos aires Redskins however there’s other teams which could potentially become faced with similar attention.

I understand for what reason people look down on upon the name on this football staff but it really should not be made a greater issue than its making out to be because Fl State was allowed to continue to keep their group name even though the NCAA doesn’t permit Indigenous American titles. I avoid find a issue with this. Yet , the Redskins aren’t the only team doing using Native American brands so that they shouldn’t be obtaining all this difficulties. If the Redskins have made crystal clear that the term isn’t supposed to be racial it doesn’t make sense that the Oneida Indian nation has started a campaign to find the team identity changed. (Hoenig article)

The Washington Redskins have the right mindset regarding not wanting to change their identity. It means a great deal to them and they have more essential things to worry about than their staff name just like winning online games and teaching a quarter back to be steady. It really should not be an issue if announcers should use it or perhaps not because as long as there isn’t racial objective behind it then it shouldn’t be problems.

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