The daily life of teenagers today and that of young ...

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The daily life of teenagers today and that of young people 100 years ago.

Teens today apply different types of technological devices, just like TV units, smartphones and tablets-both at your home and university. They also acquire education with the aid of technology. The help of technology in education offers replaced the role that parents and teachers used to play in the education of their kids.

Not only does this refer to the teaching materials and technique but as well to interaction skills. Connors (2011) explains that the primary target audience to get social media is young people. They will waste an insanely large amount of their time on social networks rather than using it for wise constructive activities (Connors, 2011, g. 45). At this time, teenagers are usually more educated than they were hundreds of years ago. Education that is very easily accessed the actual youths more socially effective.

As a result, they have a tendency to question the customs of world. By therefore doing the young people have become great contributing factors to change in society, since Silling (2010) describes (Silling, 2010, p. 256). One hundred years ago had been conservative and followed customary traditions set by world.

This produced them non-active since they lacked access to quality education. Connors (2011) talks about that teenagers in the aged times weren’t getting technology that can be found to teenagers today. Their particular knowledge had not been only acquired from their parents but also through extensive studying and applied their spare time to help their very own parents at home and played outdoors (Connors, 2011, s. 67).

Back then, education was a part of world that has not been highly accepted. Financial problems that faced many people hindered parents from acquiring their children to school hence education became a privilege, typically, for male children. The culture of the people a hundred years ago did not view females as equates to males. As a result the girls were hardly in order to take part in a similar activities since the males. Domestic administration was an activity fit for females so ladies were limited to actions within the household sphere.

On the other hand, female young adults today are freely entitled to the same options as their men counterparts. It had been made possible by female movements around the world. It truly is significantly noticeable that there is an excellent difference between your present young adults and young adults a hundred in years past. Presently the youth will be more used to technology than all their colleagues a century ago.

They are also more informed compared to their counterparts a hundred years ago. Worldwide there has been gender equality with regards to entry into various options unlike a hundred years ago.

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