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Improving the quality of fundamental education in the Philippines is usually urgent and critical. Because of that, one of the discussion posts of DepEd is to enhance the basic education program in the nation in a manner that can be least troublesome to the current curriculum most affordable intended for government and families, and aligned with international practice through the K-12 policy. The poor quality of basic schooling is mirrored in lower achievement quite a few Filipino learners. Many students who finish basic education do not possess adequate control of basic competencies.

One reason is that pupils do not get enough instructional time or period on activity. This top quality of education is mirrored in the not enough preparation an excellent source of school graduates for the world of work or entrepreneurship or higher education. Secondary school graduates as well do not have the basic competencies or emotional maturity essential for the field of work.

Education Secretary Armin Luistro said the initial turns out of the k+12 basic education program with all the implementation of universal primary of pre-school education intended for five-year-olds in the Philippines were a identifying moment to get the supervision of Director Aquino, as it seeks to implement reconstructs with deep impact on the welfare of Filipino children and the children ( Malipot 2011 ) Phil.

Star, By. 7, 2013.

Regional Movie director Susana Teresa B. Estigoy from the Section of Education wants all of the stakeholders to be aware of what boost k+12 basic education software is all about and how it can benefit the scholars, the parents the community, (Sun Star in Davao on Thurs, March 12, 2011).

1 ) Background from the Study

Start college year 2012- 2013, the education system of the Philippines can be enhanced from the 10- many years of basic education in 12- years throughout the program known as the K-12 Education Prepare of the Office of Education.

The E to 12 Program protects Kindergarten and 12 years of basic education (six a lot of primary education, four a lot of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School [SHS]) to supply sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong scholars, and make graduates for tertiary education, middle-level expertise development, job, and entrepreneurship.

The setup of the K- 12 education plan inside the Philippine Standard Education Subjects is said to be the important thing to the country’s development. Though the government will certainly face various problems in the long term of the rendering of the software, there really is a need to put into action it as the enhancement with the quality in the education is incredibly urgent and critical.

In the event that K- 12 will be integrated, students will be able to get satisfactory instructional time for you to do subject- related duties which make them more well prepared and well- trained in that subject area. Alternatively, if the outdated system is continued to be, Filipino students would constantly get low achievement scores. For instance, intercontinental test effects revealed that we often come in the tail end in the examinations compared to different countries.

Another good reason why we should support K- 12 is usually that the graduates on this program is often more prepared to your labor force. Of course we all noticed, high school graduation graduates in the current programs are not however employable for the reason that they are not yet competent and well ” equipped with the abilities needed in the workplaces. In addition , most senior high school graduates are not yet reaching the legal age of 18.

With the new program, senior high school pupils can choose an area that they are proficient at and that they are curious about. As a result, they are equipped with the abilities needed for a unique job even without a college level. At the age of 18, the age if they graduate from senior high school, they will be employable and competitive already. Thus, adding up for the nation’s time.

Finally, with K- 12, Filipino teachers will be automatically recognized asprofessionals abroad because we are following a international education standard while practiced simply by all nations around the world. There will be you should not study again and spend more money to be able to qualify for their very own standards. With this, Filipino professionals who also aspire to function abroad will not likely find a hard time in getting jobs in line with the chosen discipline and will be capable to help their own families more in the Philippines as well as the country’s economy with their remittances, property obtaining, and creation of businesses.

Filipinos are known to be competitive inside the international community. While this may be true, the current education system hinders us in becoming more competitive among different countries. The K- 12 education plan offers a great solution to that problem. Yet , it is undeniable that generally there seem to be challenges arising as we implement the program such as lack of government spending budget, classrooms and school items as well as the instructors. But , if we focus on the long- term effect of K- 12, we could conclude it is very beneficial to us Filipinos. Therefore , we have to have the solid will in supporting K- 12 Educational Plan for the betterment of the education system and economy. Remember, if we like change in our society, we need to start it with our education system.

The researchers choose this matter “Awareness and Enthusiasm to the K 12 Curriculum Just about every Filipino child now has usage of early years as a child education through Universal Kindergarten. At a few years old, children start training and are given the methods to slowly adjust to formal education. As a foreseeable future educator, BSED students while the participants should be aware and should enthusiastic in this program, because it will help all of them a lot to get a better understanding in the field of educating soon. Because all know T 12 program is the trend now a day’s the teachers undertake seminar intended for the explained implementation in the program.

To evaluate student thinking requires even more focus and attention since teachers about two inter-related dimensions of reasoning. The first aspect consists of the elements of thinking; the second dimensions consists of the universal mental standards in which the instructors measure student ability to make use of, in a skillful way.

General objective

This kind of study is definitely conducted to look for the awareness of the K-12 program and passion of the best college students from initially year to 3rd year level in the NCST college year 2013-2014.

Specifically the study conducted pertaining to the following subproblem. 1 . To be aware of the degree of consciousness and eagerness about the K-12 program of the BSED 1st year to third year pupils in NCST. 2 . To look for the degree of awareness and passion on the K-12 curriculum in the students when grouped in accordance to your level. 3. To recognize the relationship of the understanding and passion on K-12 of the BSED students in NCST.

Declaration of the Issue

This examine sought to find out the correlation of the understanding and enthusiasm in the T to 12 curriculum with the BSED first ” 3rd year learners in NCST.

Specifically, the analysis seeks to resolve the following study question:

1 ) What is the profile of 1st to 3rd year students with regards to: 1 . one particular age

1 . 2 gender

1 . 3 year level

2 . What is the level of awareness and enthusiasm pertaining to the K -12 curriculum of the BSED 1st 12 months ” 3 rd year pupils in NCST? 3. Precisely what is the degree of recognition and passion in the E to 12 curriculum from the BSED pupils when grouped according on your level. four. What is the correlation in the awareness and enthusiasm in the K to 12 program of the BSED student. Value of the Examine

The K-12 curriculum is definitely newly implemented in the Filipino education program in the land. The specialist is interested to find out the extent from the awareness of the near future teacher who are able to be part of the K-12 program in their instructing career and just how it will affect their fascination and passion on K-12 implementation.

This kind of study is going to benefit diverse sectors inside the school and serve as an eye opener in developing programs and methods for thenationwide knowing of K-12 programs and their goals for the betterment of education issues in the future. Through this, a clear and straightforward vision of all that is certainly involved will be given emphasis and question from just about every concern Filipino citizen to the enhancement of education through K-12 program implementation are not vague.

Educators can help diffuse the information with the K-12 program to their quick locality to strenghten additional factual information about K-12 subjects to the people who are still in stage of adopting the machine.

For the scholars, this examine will help all of them at ease together with the new system, enjoy it and accept it since it will uplift their particular achievements and prepare them for upcoming job that within their capability and abilities.

This examine also will be of great value to create larger awareness, to provide information useful in conducting related studies.

Scope and Constraint

This examine is delimited in determining the degree of consciousness in the K-12 curriculum and what is the correlation to enthusiasm relating to to the level of consciousness to the K-12 from the NCST BSED-English students via first 12 months to third year level school season 2013-2014. This study would not include their very own personal understanding about this program. This analyze allowed time to gather the data and information needed to associated with research work dependable. This examine is done from 06 2013 involve that much March 2014.


The ideas tested from this study will be;

1 . The passion of the students towards K-12 curriculum is definitely significantly impacted by the degree of recognition in the K-12 curriculum. 2 . The relationships between awareness in K-12 curriculum and enthusiasm towards it is significantly affected if the students will be grouped in respect to their yr level.

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