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Have you ever before experienced belonging to the excellent learners until such time you belong to the bottom of the course of your group? Or have you ever dropped asleep when taking your final exam for the entire grading?

Well, in my real world I came across that sort of difficulty. It was unsullied and unambiguous memory I can continue to remember. Long ago to my personal high school life, I’m among the excellent pupils in our course but in the third season high school I had been known as one of the stupid person of our category when the teacher released the result of the grades for the entire grading. I want to give you the data why We failed my personal grade. It absolutely was my initially subject on our assessment day, I actually am too confident actually confident which i can solution it correctly even though I feel like I’m falling to the heavens.

I i am sitting at the corner of the room as well as the person sitting down next to me is Robert and next to him is usually Gine. The teacher provided us the examiner’s sheet and the test questionnaires, while I’m looking on the exam I discover too convenient as I study the whole night prior to that day time, then after having a few minutes each of our teacher let us to get started on answering. In the center of the exam I actually fell sleeping, neither Mike nor my bestfriend awaken me up.

When I awake I realize they are almost completed answering test while I was still for the number 56 out of 200 items and the period allowance still left is only 25 minutes, My spouse and i talk to myself “OMG! I fell in bed, I need to solution all of this at the earliest opportunity but I am away of time”. Our instructor declared time left “Class, 20 mins left”, I used to be in a dazed that I might not able to response the exam. I still have the hope to surface finish the exam yet I responded with estimation of 150 items.

Each of our teacher collected the examiner’s sheet and she keep the room since she accumulated it. After 2 times of our exam, she publicize the student who have reach the very best score plus the student who also failed her subject, “The person who could got the greatest score is Ms. Alba and I am very sorry to get Ms. Vidad because he is the only college student on this group who failed the subject”, when I observed all of that I’m terribly depressed and disappointed at the same time.

And this was the many embarrassing moment I can keep in mind in my whole life.

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