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A monologue from the book by They would. G. Bore holes

NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The War of the Planets. L. G. Water wells. London: Heinemann, 1898.

ARTILLERYMAN: This isn\t a battle. It under no circumstances was a warfare, any more than there\s war between man and ants. There\s the ants builds their very own cities, live their lives, have battles, revolutions, until the men need them out of the way, and then they walk out the way. That\s what we are nowjust ants. After Weybridge I proceeded to go souththinking. I saw what was up. Here\s intelligent things, and it seems they need us to get food. Initial, they\ll break us upships, machines, pistols, cities, every one of the order and organisation. Everything will go. At present we\re caught as we\re wanted. A Martian provides only to go a few mls to get a masses on the run. And I saw a single, one day, out by Wandsworth, picking houses to items and routing among the remains. But they won\t keep on carrying out that. Therefore soon while they\ve resolved all our weapons and ships, and broke our railways, and performed all the things they can be doing above there, they will begin catching us organized, picking the very best and keeping us in cages and things. That\s what they will begin doing in a bit. Lord! They haven\t started on all of us yet. Don\t you see that? Cities, nations, civilisation, progressit\s all over. That game\s up. We\re beat. There won\t be any longer blessed concerts for a , 000, 000 years approximately, there won\t be any kind of Royal Schools of Disciplines, and no good little nourishes at eating places. They ain\t no further make use of. Those who indicate to escape their catching must get ready. I\m getting ready. I\m going on, beneath their foot. I\ve been thinking about the canal. Of course those who don\t know drains believe horrible issues, but under this Birmingham are miles and mileshundreds of milesand a few days and nights rain and London bare will drop them off sweet and clean. The main drains will be big enough and airy enough for anyone. Then simply there\s cellars, vaults, shops, from which bolting passages may be made to the drains. As well as the railway tunnels and subways. Eh? You begin to see? And we form a bandable-bodied, clean-minded men. We\re not going to get any rubbish that drifts in. Every thesethe sort of people that lived in these homes, and all all those damn tiny clerks that used to live down that waythey\d always be no good. They will haven\t virtually any spirit in them. I\ve seen them skedaddle away to workhundreds of \em, bit of breakfast time in hand, operating wild and shining to catch all their little season-ticket train, for fear they\d get ignored if they will didn\t, skedaddling back to get fear they wouldn\t have time for meal. Lives covered by insurance and a lttle bit invested for fear of mishaps. And on Sundaysfear of the hereafter. As if heck was intended for rabbits! Very well, the Martians will only be a blessing to these. Nice roomy hutches, fattening foodstuff, careful propagation, no get worried. After a week chasing regarding the fields and countries on vacant stomachs, they\ll come and stay caught pleasant. They\ll end up being quite happy after a little bit. They\ll wonder what people did before there was Martians to address them. And the bar loafers, and mashers, and singersI can imagine these people. Very likely these kinds of Martians will make pets of some of them, teach them to do trickswho understands? get impresionable over the family pet boy who have grew up together to be slain. And some, could be, they will educate to search us. No, we have to invent a sort of lifestyle where men can live and breed, and be completely secure to get the children up. We don\t know enough. We\ve have got to learn before we\ve got a chance. And we\ve have to live and keep independent whilst we study. See! That\s what has to be done. And once we do learnJust envision this: 4 or 5 of their struggling with machines all of a sudden starting offHeat-Rays right and left, but not a Martian in \em. Not a Martian in \em, but menmen who have discovered the way just how. It may be within my time, eventhose men. Extravagant having one lovely items, with its Heat-Ray wide and free! Fancy having it in control! What would it subject if you created to smithereens at the end from the run, after having a bust like that? I reckon the Martians\ll open all their beautiful eye! Can\t the thing is them, man? Can\t you see them hurrying, hurryingpuffing and blowing and hooting with their other mechanical affairs? A thing out of gear in every circumstance. And swish, bang, rattle, swish! Just as they are fumbling over it, SWISH comes the Heat-Ray, and, behold! gentleman has come returning to his individual.

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