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There it is once again, this uncomfortable, exhausted, ruined word: smelling of kitsch, it has practically disappeared from your private and public discourse. Whether in sacred, high-end or political matters, wepardon me, a number of usare frightened it could remain unrequited, turning out to be debased and stained. Does anyone say nowadays, without blushing, I like you to a female, or to a utopia, in order to a God written off as useless? Reality provides taught us doubt and given us bitter gall, the so-called heart continues to be encased, one loves, the other is definitely loved, there is nothing remaining remarkable underneath the visiting celestial satellite.

This wordL-O-V-Eis now my personal theme, used without fear, albeit which includes embarrassment. Since my job is not only (as the actor or actress Olivier might have said) a great act of affection, it is also a great embarrassment genuine and simple, whether the subject can be Desdemonas handkerchief, Hamlets unbraced doublet or perhaps Woyzecks blade.

Since take pleasure in, like fact, must be tangible, abstractions will be useless to the lover. I dont appreciate Germany, that word is much like a map, useful and informative, nevertheless untouchable. The things i love could fill a volume: a window in Bremen along the Bismarckstrasse, a specific walk along the Alster at nighttime, the wonderful oaks in Schoneberg, checklist is unlimited.

And I also cannot love the Germans My spouse and i wouldnt find out who they could be besides a collective using a label and that comes from the only useful bit of political education that I ever received from your first and last period my father slapped me throughout the back of my head, when at age 10 My spouse and i told him what I had just discovered in the classroom: namely, that all Rumanians are homosexuals. After apologizing, my father described that this was a time of gross nationalism which will objectifies humankind into categories of us and them to be able to exterminate these people more easily. To start with, all Rumanians are not homosexuals. Second, there is nothing incorrect if they each were. And third, presently there isnt this kind of a thing since the Rumanians.

Since that day it is often hard personally not to face people one-on-one, I couldnt put Faust, Kleist, Heine and Bollthe list is endlessinto the same teutonic pan with Himmler simply because they all are named Heinrich. I never know various Germans, the majority of the ones i know I enjoy, because they offered myself understanding, support, protection, commitment or a muted embrace, the one that I couldnt know salvaged my mother from the Holocaust, another, who was my manager in 1933, kicked your little Nazi who objected to my presence.

And i also love this language, despite the fact that I under no circumstances mastered that, and that is great for the stranger who wants to stay a stranger in order to retain his third ear, in order to, with the strangers curiosity, consider words by face worth and thus continuously dig about in the viscera of the dialect. When up there, bathed in gold light, the Liebestod will be sung, the stranger need to ask himself in happiness and pain how he would explain this untranslatable term to his American grandchildren Is it the death of affection or the other way about, the death of loss of life in love? I noticed my initially German expression as a infant, ein Unter |a boy~ cried my personal grandmother, and my father chatted his last German wordswith the magnificence, with the civility of heart that when confronted with barbarism signifies a kind of resistancewhen, at the door to the gas chamber, he bowed into a colleague, declaring, Nach IhnenAfter you, Herr Mandelbaum.

The stranger is usually not necessarily foreign people, but generally an emigrant searching for asylum in autonomy and grace. If he will not search alone, he can, every now and then, become a poet person. This kind of new person is, because the German-American Gertrude Stein once explained, like a investigator who, during these criminal occasions, stalks the victim as well as the culprit and tries to figure out both by simply refusing to resist locating something of every within himself. And he can especially apt to be a prophet, it is simply no coincidence that prophets by John the Baptist to Dante, from Euripides to Buchner (the list can be endless) most lived in exil, chased away into their strict element the desert in order to experience the prophets fate: namely, that not a soul can be listening. Despite the Trojan Women, ladies and children remain slaughtered, the Four Horsemen keep thundering on around the corner, and in spite of Dantons Fatality, the dear wise subjects in their shacks continue to change into evil foolish criminals the moment they move into the palace.

The new person, like me, already smells gas, and smells the mixed up, estranged old fart on the heath, who keeps fighting off holes until this individual finally howls, howls, howls at humankind turned to natural stone and over the dead kid in his hands, also overall of our kids, dead or alive, who have cant hear such declarations of love, or perhaps still a whole lot worse, dont desire to hear. Everything remains may be the silence of collapse, a dreadful silence that filled Pascal with hate in his godless void.

But also for us the task still remains, whether used with paternal slaps or poetic smooches, to break this stop, to keep vocal, which means not keeping each of our mouths closed. Happy love does not exist, Wolf Biermann sings, which usually must not maintain us by falling in love once again, be it which has a beautiful thought or a phrase to play with as long as this pricks and bites, planning on the most detrimental yet staying optimistic, as the worst features still not really happened.

George Tabori is a playwright residing in Vienna. This article is based on a speech succumbed Darmstadt previous October, once Tabori received the exclusive Buchner Award.

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