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There have been urbanization concerns in caused by the fact that the economy is continuing to grow in cities as a result of raising population dramatically. The problems make several problems in urban areas. On the other hand, the idea of sustainable creation means that the economy continues to grow when preserving environmental surroundings. In this essay I would like to go over why the current urbanization challenges can be fixed by the plan of sustainable development.

Firstly, there is a constraint of space in cities, because some individuals immigrate to the area to find a job and to research at college.

The area increases after the inhabitants is concentrated in a single area, plus more buildings and living areas are needed. Therefore , there exists a lack of playground for children, park, and nature. In my opinion, a few facilities just like playground and park may be constructed on the buildings to use the space effectively.

Secondly, elevating the non-public car drastically in the town affects to human into the the environment in a negative way.

Because, the car releases not only excessive carbon dioxide, although also poisonous gas. I actually reckon which the government should construct public transportation which produces less pollution and is more convenient for the folks. Furthermore, they need to make rules to spend a fine if perhaps people make use of a petrol car in the city.

On the other hand, a lot of countries in Africa don’t have sufficient system, for example offering enough resources to the residents. Improving all their economy considerably in Africa is hard, because they can not produce their products stably with influence inside the lack of electrical power. Therefore , some companies and buildings very own private electric power generators which give off a lot of gas and smoke. Unfortunately, in case the problem continues, their very own economy might not exactly only grow, but the environment also will bedamaged. In my watch, the government ought to build the public power plant life using breeze or solar powered energy by expenditure from other designed countries. In the event they can appeal their expansion economy for the future, some produced countries can invest them by choice.

In conclusion, the policy of sustainable expansion which uses the space effectively, takes green public transportation with out petro car, and uses solar or perhaps wind electrical power may fix the current urbanization problems. The policy does not only need presently, but it is likewise important for next generations.

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