Empress Luxury Lines Angela M. Davis Strayer University Administration 500 Dr . Prakash Menon April up to 29, 2012 Subjective This essential analysis case of Empress Luxury Lines is based on circumstances of honest dilemmas and challenges of top level managers and their employees confronted with decisions on what anyone person or perhaps persons will do against making moral decisions.

In such a case study, we all note that automobile has to generate choices for undertaking what this individual believes is correct for him even though it might cause possible end of contract.

Despite of the needed pc upgrade to get the Empress Luxury Boat for Empress, top supervision issues was going to find other ways to limit cost. The luxurious liner acquired fallen upon hard times due to numerous elements some of which was not controllable with this business. In such a case analysis we will check out how correct or incorrect decision making can create ethical dilemmas to get a business. Up against such problems, we will attempt to understand how in decision making for the employees, managers, CFO’s affects the business entity.

Empress Luxury Lines ANALAYZE ANTONIO’S ETHICAL PROBLEM Antonio Melendez, a two year employee of Empress Luxury Lines was needs to feel as stated by Daft, “finally located a way to finance the computer system upgrade however been requesting from the time he’d considered the job 2 years ago ( 2010, p. 150). Antonio, being that he was only on the job two years, and Kevin Pfeiffer, the new hire, the honest decision situation for them was at facing the truth about the power rise damaged that struck the ship to its on-ship computer system.

Antonio knew the fact that risk in defrauding the insurance company of the true mother nature of what happened to the personal computer onboard the ship could have dire implications for him and Kevin. Kevin informed the truth to his manager Phil Cromwell, of the $15, 000 computer damaged and was informed to report back simply to his boss Phil Cromwell. Kevin would exactly what he believed can be great news with the minimum repairable damage, nevertheless Phil was not happy. Rather, Kevin was instructed to take out and ruin all the wiring and the cords and transport them elsewhere so that the insurance adjuster upon arrival probably would not know the big difference in the damage.

Kevin declined choosing to help make the intelligent ethical decision never to due because instructed and not become part of a fraud scheme or the lifestyle of leading management constantly submitting deceptive claims. Antonio appreciated Kevin’s integrity of creating the best decision to not do as he was asked to perform for Empress and his employer Phil Cromwell. Antonio realized of years before he was hired, Empress Luxury Lines in the 1990’s, were a wholesome business. The cruise lining had unmatched demand by simply consumers to sail about its extravagance liner. Regrettably, with exterior threats of unforeseen triggers, such as the 9/11 attacks inside the U.

S i9000., the Hurricanes of 2005, and the Norwalk Virus break out, Empress’s amount of tourist booking travel simply by ship droped off significantly. Empress needed to refund funds to the clients intended for cruises they will could not use due to these kinds of uncertainties. Basically, contingency planning was passed to respond to the unexpected conditions of climate, terrorism, and medical emergencies. The current growing demand of fuel cost to cruise the cruse liner, slashed into the luxurious liner’s revenue. This is why Antonio could not or did not see his fervent request to obtain monies to upgrade the ships computer system was not approved.

Until the damage of the computer system was verbally reported to Bailey, then this accepted techniques of Empress by leading management of fraud that was readily the condone mother nature, the confidence of Kevin, or Antonio being safeguarded under the Whistle-blower act was essentially a great ignored, systemic practice and rooted in the industry climate lifestyle from top to bottom. MAKE AND IDENTIFY TWO TACTICS In this case examination the ways to best identify how to address Antonio’s moral dilemma would be by using two approaches in ethical decision making.

The strategies that can best address Antonio’s in this case study are the Utilitarian Approach plus the Individualism Approach. These techniques best identify how Antonio should deal with the situation currently happening. The practical approach by simply definition Daft, ” the ethical concept that meaningful behaviors generate the greatest good for the greatest number (2010, s. 132). This method Antonio is definitely ethical decision maker and he recognizes the consequences of actions and plans to benefit to get the greater great for Empress.

If perhaps Antonio selects to use this method he provides the pulse of the organizations systemic practices but he has to figure out how to business lead by case in point while restricting potential serious results pertaining to Empress by simply reporting what really took place to the insurance adjuster and authorities. If perhaps Antonio determines to stay silent and do nothing he understands the risk and the ethical analysis that could occur by law. The choice to do practically nothing hurts but if this is his decision, to help defraud the insurance company, the upside is that Empress will have a upgraded and repaired computer system.

I would associate the 08 fraud case involving the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Program of widespread scam with the HUBZone Empowerment Contracting program comparable to how systemic practices of obvious scams with worthwhile contracts to business firms who were certainly not eligible to obtain such money. Bruce Causseaux, a elderly level consultant stated, “Three main elements worked to encourage the fraud, he says: the attract of a lot of billion dollars of federal government contracting, an SBA control process that largely depended on inadequately verified self-certified information and a clear communication that, even if caught, the punishment will not match the crime (Wilson, 2008 p. 0). This information exemplifies the seriousness that when it all goes wrong, in the functional approach the power yielded still the lesser of a possibly disastrous consequence. The individualism approach’s by definition Daft, “the moral concept that acts are moral whenever they promote the individual’s finest long-term interest (2010, g. 132). This approach helps Antonio because he believes in the fundamental privileges of individuals in the ethical making decisions process.

In the event Antonio decides to avoid the systemic tendencies by Empress because it can impede over a persons correct then he’d be ethically deciding to travel against the grain of behavior although he understands he may lose his task by being honest. The issue with this approach who also determines the legitimacy of what is moral or certainly not about how a cruise liner decides to conduct it is business. Antonio/s plan of action hangs on the real balancing action of being loyal only to himself, to the well being of the firm and or last but not least, for the highest good of Empress.

Antonio has to really be comfortable by which ever decision ethically he may make. ASSESS THE PROS AND CONS The pros and negatives of the functional approach if Antonio thus believes is a good approach he has the option to weigh the differences looking at how his decision will result his other coworkers. Just for this case research, I believe the utilitarian is much better suited for Antonio because this procedure is not just a selfish procedure but even more in line with having the thoughtfulness of care and concern individuals and how his ethical decision could harm everyone.

Antonio does not consider he is only a lone wolf in this decision process because he sees the dilemma since equal parts to be kept by together by the idea of all. Antonio relies on the process of material process quantitatively in his overall objective to get fair for the consideration of the whole in making a just, meaning, and pro ethical decision. The functional approach con is in understanding and realizing the cost great things about his decision. This approach does not allow for room to be appeasing to all of his co workers and this strategy can cause harm. The end would not always justify the means as this method states.

In the con on this approach, can easily Antonio believe the result of perhaps not being ethically honest may yield an optimistic result no matter of the information presented towards the insurance adjuster? This may happen and he’s still left with all the decision do he do his best lawn mowers of rising over a fray to complete his moral duty. The pros and que tiene of the individualism approach within the pro side is Antonio will be improving the rights of his coworkers and doing what is best for the common good of Empress. Antonio will also be protecting his privileges as a person which is a advantage for him.

Antonio must be careful in upholding to get pro legal rights to not step over the rights of others. A con individuals approach is definitely could be the the case meaning in defining an individual’s fundamental legal rights. This is a con of the approach since in the U. S. we have included the U. T. Constitution the check of Legal rights. If Antonio thinks this is actually the best procedure because the Empress sails in international oceans Antonio really needs consideration intended for the international laws of other countries which the U. S. Constitution with the Invoice of Privileges won’t apply.

Another que contiene of this procedure is that it is just a selfish way and can attract Antonio to consider simply his requires and not of great importance to others. DECIDE ON WHICH STRATEGY TO TAKE Offered the two approaches of utilitarian and individuality, I would pick the individualism procedure for this circumstance analysis basically was in Antonio’s position. I actually am not a selfish person by nature in addition to making business decisions I realize that the ability to think in ethical making decisions when a issue presents itself speculate if this trade to be all set, willing and able to perform the task of airing on the side of justness.

I have had similar instances as Antonio in being the one that has to be concerned for his self nevertheless by being that way, you in the end do decide to get the good bleary the process of ethically doing precisely what is best for the future long term wellness of the company. Individualism by simply behavior only can assure fellow coworkers that action done ethically for the best business ethical decision outcome is in the best interest with the whole. This process inspires cohesiveness and conformity in our feelings of our habit.

In their book If Your Lifestyle were a company, would you Purchase It? (2003), Eckblad and Kiel claims, “When we acknowledge these feelings in ourselves and reflect on all of them, we often get their beginning in one or more situations exactly where we would like we had acquired the valor to have challenged someone or perhaps done some thing differently and “businesslike considering and organizing are no make sure there will be “good or brave people in either careers or each of our live (Eckblad , Kiel, 2008, g. 37). The individualism way has worked very well for me in my business efforts and personal your life. My motivation to be reasonable, but yet understanding what ever decisions I make whether they will be ethically depending on a moral dilemma or not, My spouse and i firmly realize that not all decisions I chose for making was best for the whole and that you can not know the dimensions of the true benefit of the situation in your decision choice of just how it will relate to other staff or coworkers. This is the dilemma for Antonio.

I do think his best method of approach will be using the individuality approach for Empress Luxurious Lines. He will not please all but he may be ethically making the best decision pertaining to the greater great of the business. References Silly, Richard D. (2010). Administration. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Eckblad, John, , Keil, David (2003). If your Life Were a Business, Do you invest in That?. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Wilson, Sarah (2008, November), Fraudulence Rattles SBA Program. Business owner, 30.

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