Successful Aging Essay

According to a website I came across online, the first series reads “If I’m alive, I’m good! ” This kind of technically means that you will be successful since you remain alive, on the other hand if your still alive and suffering from disease does that mean you will be ageing successfully? Among the features people understand successful aging are the next: physical overall health, financial protection, productivity/employment, freedom, coping well, and staying involved in activities and with people who also bring meaning and support.

In the article you provided, it says that early on ideas about successful the aging process grew out of two conflicting ideas: disengagement theory and activity theory. The disengagement theory proposes that successful aging requires a drawback from activities and cultural interaction, activity theory suggests the opposite. To get activity advocates, optimal the aging process involves staying active and continuing social relationships for as long as possible. Also another point of view in the content it discusses how powerful aging is known as a multi-dimensional way this is very similar to what the web page I found talks about.

It involves many things. The 3rd major point of view is the type of selective marketing with payment. According for this model, persons become more selective in choosing activities and interests because they grow older. Even though become more selective, they strive to maximize their chances of reaching desirable effects or goals within their picked domains.

This goes along very well with what we talked about in class and what the website that I located discusses. Basically all of this details lines up using what we learned in class and what I privately think it indicates to era successfully. Privately I feel that becoming free from disease, maintaining human relationships, doing the things that make you content, financial security, and good coping skills.

It seems that nearly all the information on successful the aging process takes a multidimensional approach.?nternet site am growing older I want to have accountability for all of these things, meaning saving money to get when I become older, establishing healthy and balanced habits given that that I can be free from disease, and create lifelong human relationships. As long as you can’t maintain this stuff throughout your life I feel that you will have successfully aged.

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