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Sociology, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Sociological Perspective

Excerpt from Dissertation:

“They’ve got their particular rules and we’ve got not do with that” or “He needs to learn the rules, just like anybody else” are key phrases which in turn sustain this kind of idea.

Both opponent groupings are both trying to improve their performances in terms of advantage and electrical power. The picture in which the criminals are working and the pavement in the street and be motivated to work quickly is also agent, as it highlights their accomplishment in front of the regulators, therefore the generating of a advantage, more leisure time. On the other hand, the working conditions, the punishments they are really being posted to (“spending a night inside the box”) demonstrate difference of status and the inequality involving the two groupings, which is the genesis from the conflict. Same does the appellative “boss” used with high frequency along the movie.

It really is interesting to analyze the concept of “group cohesion” which can be extremely apparent at least in the case of the prisoners. The way they manage to live together and somehow generate their common life simpler, their emotions, all of these can be a result of their very own social connection and a proof that they abide by the same values and guidelines. The group cohesion is mainly obvious throughout the touching views in the video, like the one exactly where Luke comes back from his attempt to break free and colleagues treat him with compassion or through the relationship of sincere a friendly relationship that Henry and Dragline develop.

An additional sociological principle that appears in the construction of personas and that clarifies events and behavior is the word of “deviant behavior” that one can attribute towards the main personality, Luke. He ignores laws when being arrested and overlooks the sheriff through his attitude, and in basic, he does not seem to adapt to the current rules and norms of living imposed, which is precisely the definition of a “deviant tendencies. “

Although the general brand of the action follows the concept of conflict among individuals, one particular must take into account the fact that, at the real life, and in videos is hard to define conditions that match to a particular approach in most their aspects. Society is “dynamic” and complex, meaning one can see various facets of her. In “Cool Palm Luke, inches an extremely essential part is represented by simply his change in front of the regulators, in his pursuit of freedom. By doing this of performing is what sociology labels while “interaction, inches defined by roles and actors and by living the social live as a drama, concept launched by Erving Goffman. Lomaz plays his part ahead of the authorities and he can it that good that he deals with to mislead them within an extremely funny way for the audience and also, in an exceedingly representative method for the idea of sign in man interactions.

I believe that this personal analysis, although not being complete as the two subject and the movie are very complex, continue to manages to describe the events and behaviors shown from a different sort of point-of-view which the common sense could do.

Getting a better knowledge of our colleagues and of the events that define our social lives can be simply a positive factor, as it will lead to a marked improvement of our relationships and also, to the ability to cope with deviant manners and circumstances, by locating scientific causes and explanations for them.


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