Social Problems Essay

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My interviewee mostly focused on education in young kids and how they are the foundation of America. He feels without education we fail as a nation and not giving children the same education opportunities based on not being able to afford or perhaps low financing from the federal government due to the precise location of the school can be both biased and unfair. He believes through his volunteer operate mentoring fresh minds with grown up with hardships, that he can educate them that just because you’re from a poor place or perhaps grew up some doesn’t suggest it’s where you have got to to stay and that thru education you can get any aim you wish to do well at.

He states that you of his biggest returns is convincing a young man he can be a little more than persons expect him to be and can get over statics which were put upon him based on race or perhaps education or upbringing. He believes that education is the world and not only is it to become problem had been beginning to face in America it is common in other countries that many people don’t know how to go through or create but before we are able to reach them we have to build ourselves. That starts with people volunteering their particular free time in teaching small minds to set down cellphones, iPods’, videogames, and points that don’t benefit your mind and put up a book or go exterior and check out the things to choose from and learn about the world you live in and exactly how you can make it a better place.

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