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Documentary films have paved way showing the reality of life. Most of the time, it provides knowing of the present situation that was not addressed effectively in motion pictures and tv shows alike. Documentary, like different discourses from the real, keeps a vestigial responsibility to describe and translate the world of ordinaire experience, a responsibility that may be no little matter whatsoever (Nichols, 1991 p. 10). In making a documentary film concerning the community life in a distant international country, several issues would need to be resolved. The first thing that individuals need to talk about is the traditions of the persons living in that place.

It would be an important factor as it tells a whole lot about the folks and the place itself. Their history would generally be included in deciding how the lifestyle came about. Cultural norms and practices also need to thoroughly discuss to identify the and uniqueness of their culture. Furthermore, the documentation ought to explore the different beliefs in the people and how it impacts the way they live and how their society copes up with modernization. The main focus from the documentary is how the culture and morals would impact the health of the people for the reason that certain region.

It would extensively explore the different misconceptions and traditional well being management the particular people have. This really is a critical issue to discuss as it may directly or indirectly affect all their socio-economic improvement and their way of living. If by simply chance, the documentary may discover the need to re-educate the folks regarding their particular health philosophy and fallacy, then right authority ought to be inform.

This is to ensure that people might have the opportunity plus the appropriate solutions to improve their very own knowledge as regards to their health. REFERENCES Nichols, B. (1991), Representing Actuality: Issues and Concepts in Documentary, Indiana University Press, p. 12

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