Situation with all the corruption in tajikistan

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Corruption became a decrease in Tajikistan and almost around the globe. No one was created to do it, but bad condition forced those to do so. Everbody knows our region got independence in 1991 and was producing prosperity to a bright long term, corruption serves and the civil war halted it during the way. At this point the war ended, nevertheless corruption serves are common.

Today, you can face it everywhere in hospitals, government office buildings, education system, the armed service sphere and etc. I think the issues that push people to do corruption will be followed: While salary is too small for people who work for Federal government on different infrastructure will not cover their particular monthly bills and as they can’t live with their particular salary earning it with wrong techniques. These negative actions effect to prosperity and economy of our country very poorly.

For example , the moment teachers include a small earnings they usually think about obtaining money to protect their friends and family expenses instead of classes. They will not find other ways except corruption to make additional money. The same issue is facing other systems such as federal government and others. For example , when visitors policeman stops a man for any rule infringement and wants him, that man gives him the bride which is great for both area, but a catastrophe to get the government. Thus, our Government stays poor and we won’t develop. To solve this problem I would propose a number of ideas.

First of all, execution intended for doing corruption act must be tightened. There exists a good proverb: to wipe out corruption by gallows has not been successful within a country. Therefore we have to tighten up our rules and executions in order to eliminate corruption. Second, the government need to require more traders and make more places of work and control that cash. The earnings should be paid enough to protect the average bills of staff. We should learn the experience of other developed countries and the ways they had trouble against this and conquered.

Moreover, taxation are too excessive for personnel and Government takes a part of their wage that they can cover all their expenses more. It also effects businessmen who also make their very own business and make workplaces. Furthermore, taxation should be reduced and the govt should offer opportunities intended for businessmen and government workers. In conclusion, I have to say that possibly it will be really hard to struggle for data corruption we have to get it done because our country cannot continue his way to prosperity and development with out corruption acts.

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