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The film ‘Remember the Titans’ described by Boaz Yakin shot in the year 2000. in this dissertation I will describe how a figure changes throughout the movie. the smoothness I have selected is Gerry Bertier the captain of the titans soccer team, in the movie Gerry changes via races to against racism.

At the start in the film Remember the Giants, Gerry Bertier rushers to a fight against black people this is how Boaz Yakin explains that Gerry Bertier is definitely racist since Gerry rusher into a combat without knowing exactly why the battle broke away. In my own opinion I do think Gerry is racist because he is going to deal with because he is white and he is against black persons, so had been Ray, Allen and the others that used their chief Gerry Bertier into the battle. Half way through the film when the titan’s football staff is on camp Julius challenges Gerry because ray isn’t obstructing for Add some opuch (black sports player) and Julius mentions to Gerry “attitude reflects leadership” Gerry then looks at Julius and starts to appreciate that what he is performing is wrong.

I think what Julius said changed Gerry’s perspective as they looked amazed and this individual realises that he must do something about Beam not preventing for Revolution because he could get hurt and he should change his attitude to become a better chief. The morning after Julius’s and Gerry’s discussion, coach Boone wakes they up in 3am each day all mentor Boones says is don’t get lost on how, the team define on a morning hours run, mentor Boone qualified prospects them to Gettysburg where he explains to them by what happened there, when coach Boone can be talking the director offers captured a detailed up shot of Gerry that film technique shows the audience that Gerry can be listening to mentor Boone, down the road in the film it shows that this individual listen to trainer Boone since Gerry tells Ray off for not obstructing he tells him to dam Rev and Julius notice that he is planning to change his perspective in how Gerry sees dark people they look at each various other and laugh then Gerry taps Julius on the shoulder and says “this is still left side” Julius replies with “strong side” they replicate those word over and over again.

I think that Gerry is now understanding that to become a great chief he has to overcome all of the racism and work together to ensure the team to be successful. One of the games Ray winds up letting the opposition through and Rev gets struck and he breaks his wrist Beam acts just like he doesn’t know what occurred but Gerry knew that Ray didn’t block deliberately because at the beginning of the film Ray says to Gerry “I’m only buying my personal time” and Julius realises that he wasn’t gonna block to get Rev as they was black Julius attempted warning Gerry and that’s how Gerry knew he didn’t block on purpose.

Following your game Gerry says to Ray ” your from the team Ray” Gerry provides kicked Ray off the staff that’s demonstrates he is promoting and he’s non-racist you can forget by stopping ray off the team it also shows that he is putting they before him self. I think that he provides finally altered his point of view about racism. In conclusion, the director Boaz Yakin made the audience appreciate that the primary character that changed intended for the good of things was Gerry Bertier he travelled from hurtful to non-racist he overrode many obstructions and he united his football group the titans.

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