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Level three or more and some Awards in Preparing to Train in the Long term Learning Sector (PTLLS) (6302) October 2011 Version 1 . 0 Degree at a glance Area of interest City & Guilds number Age group approved Entry requirements Preparing to Teach in the Ongoing Learning Sector 6302 19+ There are no formal entrance requirements. Students are required to possess evidence of level 3 business skills intended for the area by which they will educate if they are to advance into teaching in the Ongoing Learning Sector (LLS) This qualification exists at levels 3 and 4. Both equally levels need to be assessed by a combination of tasks (provided) and observation of teaching/training.

Simulation (micro-teaching) is permitted for units 003 and 010. Available (see section a couple of Centre requirements) Signature Unsecured personal Signature Personal unsecured 60 Metropolis & Guilds Level a few and 4 Awards in Preparing to Train in the Long term Learning Sector (PTLLS) (6302) Form 2 Assessment front side sheet and feedback record PTLLS Level 3/4 This form is obligatory Theory Evaluation No: Novice name: Enrolment number: Particular date issued: Particular date submitted: I confirm that the evidence for this product is authentic and a genuine representation of my own job. Learner unsecured personal: Date: Responses: Continue on a unique sheet if possible, see overleaf Tutor/Assessor/Marker and IQA’s autographs (IQA in the event that sampled) has to be appear on the following page. City & Guilds Level 3 and four Awards in Preparing to Instruct in the Ongoing Learning Sector (PTLLS) (6302) 61 Opinions: (Continued from previous page) Marker/Tutor/Assessor name: Resubmission particular date (if referred): IQA’s brand (if sampled) Grade Level Date Day Date 62

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