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Format the functionalist view on the role and purpose of education in culture Functionalists believe education features three wide functions. Education teaches that solidarity and skills are required by a modern day industrial society. Solidarity is being together, treating people pretty and using the norms and ideals of contemporary society and stop discrimination, without it there would be a state of damage where there are no rules.

In order to prepare yourself pertaining to work you will need the skills provision to help obtain your goal. These types of may be standard skills that everyone will need such as literacy and numeracy or the particular skills needed for the particular profession. As the division of time increases in complexity and occupational functions become more dedicated, increasingly longer periods in education is needed.

You also need socialisation and meritocracy to maintain culture by educating young people the real key cultural ideals, such as achievement, competition, equality of opportunities, social solidarity, democracy and religious values. Parsons explained that education bridges the gap between family and the wider society’ this is also seen in second socialisation in which we are taught the universalistic standards that are judgments based on universally arranged principles, which can be seen in different ways in particularistic standards which can be judgments based on an exclusive view of a particular group. Socialising children to adapt the meritocratic watch of achievement is usually when and individual offers achieved something on their own using their own talent and ability.

Functionalists likewise say college is a smaller of contemporary society as teenagers are expected to follow some rules and values within the school which is after that applied to real life. They are also the two meritocratic and believe in an achieved status- which is working to grasp objective with your own expertise and ability which can push you up or throughout the social course ladder and gives social mobility. Functionalists disagree with having an attributed status which is being delivered into a sociable class which may mean you wouldn’t have to work for whatever as anything is already there for you.

Davis and Moore will be functionalists and believe that education is important for role portion. This allocates people to the best option jobs because of their talent; it will this through exams and qualifications. Education allows you to sort people in future operate roles- many people are more accomplished than others- some function requires more skills than others.

More talented learners will sooner or later be rewarded by being invested in these job roles. A persons capital theory shows that a meritocratic education system is the best way to develop a experienced workforce to make a strong economic climate and bigger living standards

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