Psychological Disorders Essay

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This paper should discuss three psychological disorders along using its primary symptoms and common signs of trouble linked with the disorders.

It also intends to state why it is vital to be aware of these kinds of symptoms. The first is classified as “mood disorders” (Types of Emotional Disorders, and. d., and. p. ). The primary symptoms exhibited below include: strong/severe and insistent feelings (Types of Mental Disorders, d. d., in. p. ). Furthermore, one of its subcategories generally known as “Bipolar Disorder” show the following signs: 1) if an person is in a good mode, she or he is extremely energetic; 2) but if she or he is usually depressed, her or his self-esteem will fall and so low to the point of contemplating on suicide; 3) he or she may also “become engaged in too much eating, drinking, sexual activities, etcetera” (Types of Psychological Disorders, n. d., n. l. ). With this mental disorder, it is necessary to be aware of the symptoms since there are other feeling disorders which will also display some of the symptoms/signs linked with “Bipolar Disorder”.

The second is known as “personality disorders” (Franklin, 1999, in. p. ). One of its sub-categories is named “anti-social personality disorder” wherein the main symptom showed is disobeying rules (Franklin, 1999, n. p. ). The usual signal linked with this, on the other hand, is “lying” plus the worse is the fact it is accomplished just for entertaining (Franklin, 1999, n. s. ). Finally is “anxiety disorders” (Franklin, 1999, in. p. ). One of its subcategories is known as “phobia” which displays the following main symptoms: “tight feelings of fear” (Types of Emotional Disorders, n.., n. g. ). The most common sign associated with it is each time a person is actually scared even if his or her extreme fear is definitely unreasonable (Ticao, 2001, l. 358). Over a final notice, with these psychological disorders, it is important to be aware of the symptoms because there are additional mood, individuality, and anxiety attacks which also exhibit a number of the symptoms/signs related to “Bipolar Disorder”, “anti-social persona disorder”, and phobia, respectively.

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