Problems and Issues in Philippine Education Essay

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1 . Colonial historiography. Most of the earlier and present teachers, publication authors, and Social Studies consultants provide heavier high grade to the good the colonizers in the Philippines, and not to the history of Filipinos. Mostly, this has been the case in the teaching of the past subjects through the elementary to tertiary amounts and will most likely perpetuate within the next generations to come.

The of the Philippine people and the colonial great the Thailand are two different subject areas altogether. installment payments on your Internationalization from the division of labor. To a certain extent, the Philippine educational system conditions its pupils to be skillful in math and computer system literacy, fluent in foreign languages (specifically English and Nihonggo), and docile to be able to serve as staff of the transnational businesses from the advanced, capitalist countries. Take those case of the call center happening in the Philippines, India and also other developing states.

In the name of imperialist globalization, the statein a great incremental fashionis abandoning the role to subsidize open public education specifically in the tertiary level. This kind of comes in the proper execution of matriculation, laboratory and miscellaneous charge increases to be able to force condition colleges and universities (SCUs) to generate their particular sources of pay for. Ironically, the majority of the budget (in fact, more than one-third in the case of 2005 National Budget) goes toward debt maintenance.

Over-dependence to the cyberspace has dramatically decreased the capability of students (even teachers) to undertake research. Copy-pasting’ has also turned into a norm among some students whenever they happen to be tasked to submit a research conventional paper or even a film review. Obviously, plagiarism has already transformed into an even more sophisticated type in the framework of today’s electronic era.

With the approach these subjects are becoming handled (taking into account the two content and methodology), learners view the complete exercise as an unnecessary duplication of what they have previously covered in high school. Equally alarming is a lack of excitement and motivation exhibited by some instructors to handle the subject especially if they believe that it is not related to the training course or part of specialization with their students (say, Art Understanding for Accounting majors or perhaps Algebra for Creative Composing majors).

Even as public elementary and high school graduation education continues to be free under the new system, other expenses such as transportation, allowance, meals, school tasks and other college expenses will still burden families and take up a significant portion in the family spending budget. However , what apparently makes parents ready to shoulder this sort of costs is definitely the empty promise of employability after their children receive their hard-earned degrees and diplomas. In the present scheme of things, the function of education is already reduced to the individual’s mere employability. The K to 12 software reinforces this kind of societal function of education.

Society as well continues to consider education because essential to cultural mobility, a great investment well worth undertaking since the costs do not surpass the benefits. Owing to their highly launched character, tertiary education has also become inaccessible for many Filipinos. Dominated by private sector, higher language schools charge students with sky-high tuition and miscellaneous fees that remain unregulated and unchecked. At the same time college education gives the college student an advantage inside the vicious and highly-competitive seek out job chances, many young ones forgo college or university schooling simply because they cannot afford it.

This makes the K to 12’s employability factor more pleasing and acceptable to the father and mother, who are meant to believe that underneath the new education system, university education can be described as path that is not for everyone to tread. Last but not least, any educational reform almost always appeals to a large number of especially as there is a standard consensus which our present condition of education is in disturbance? turbulence. The word reform is always easy for the public to swallow since any move to veer away from the present arrangement of points is viewed as a welcome development.

Reaction/comment Federal government officials and also other advocates who have are so insistent in adding two more years inside the school circuit should therefore join the clamor intended for higher pay and the regulation of prices of basic commodities and companies, push pertaining to the growth and institutionalization of scholar financial support systems and scholarships, and more importantly, guard greater point out subsidy to education whatsoever levels. Virtually any education change program it does not take into account economic and other cultural factors that affect a person’s training is bound to are unsuccessful especially when it is supposed beneficiaries cannot retain pace. The population should not take those K to 12 software as a unhealthy pill to swallow.

It may not complete judgment on the program based only on the glittery promise of sharpening the student intended for employability, and the additional costs that parents have to shoulder. The heavy financial burden that comes with the implementation in the program is merely one of the many concerns on the surface. Basic complications such as insufficient teacher training and the inability of the govt to address suggestions gaps can also be considerations that if left unaddressed may imperil the full rendering of the plan. But a significant flaw of the program that merits equivalent attention is its incapability to address the challenge of lowering access to education.

Aquino’s E to doze is moored on bettering the competencies of in-school youths yet fails to consider the situation of the growing number of out-of-school youth adults in the country who also should take advantage of the universally-acknowledged right of use of educational providers. Furthermore, university survival prices are not simply influenced by the student’s mental and intellectual abilities. Low income, the peace situation, and other societal elements all help the increasing drop-out rates that cannot be cured by simple curricular reconstructs and additional years of schooling. What use will do a more enjoyable learning experience have if the student cannot even manage to go to institution due to her or his financial woes?

The K to doze is marketed as a program wherein trainees is given the choice to go after different routes upon graduating: employment, entrepreneurship, and higher education. This independence of choice recommended by the T to doze proponents, nevertheless , is illusory since the student’s choice is basically limited by the reality that higher education has changed into a privilege and the worsening financial conditions near your vicinity are forcing Filipinos to find jobs rather than pursuing degree. The program’s objective to make globally competitive graduates as well run countertop to the supposed freedom the student offers in choosing his or her vocation.

In reality, beneath the present financial set-up, the prescriptions of market dictates shape our choices and decisions, be it in the brands we buy, the designers we sign up to, the program we take in college, and even in the profession or occupation we want. With the govt systematically and aggressively promoting the foreign trade of labor and the dependence on external causes of jobs and economic expansion through it is economic procedures, it can be expected that most of the jobs and fields of learning which the students will be pursuing will be those that will be in tune with all the demands of global marketcall centre jobs, technical-vocational jobs overseas, etc . It really is contemptible, just how at a new age folks are told to pursue whatsoever dreams they have but education agencies will be coming up with a set of courses that are highly frustrated simply because they are not what the global market needs.

Thus, the observation the real motive behind the K to 12 education reform system is to additional intensify labor export by systematically targeting the country’s fresh labor force, and further service the requirements of multinational firms is definitely not with out basis. As seen in the K to 12 program, there is a noticeable focus given to technology and livelihood education (TLE) during high school, together with the learner actually obtaining a qualification of expertise required by simply industries.

In Grades 7 and 8, TLE subject matter are exploratory, which means that the learner is given the opportunity to study 5 simple competencies: As the intentions seem to be laudable in the beginning, the underlying context of the implementation from the K to 12 software could be greatest understood by looking at the government’s problematic basic development platform that is the Philippine Development Prepare, which tries to reinforce the country’s adherence to the mistaken development paradigm of neoliberal globalization. The K to 12 program’s thrust of manufacturing 21st century graduates can be nothing but an affirmation and a reinforcement of the country’s role in the uneven world order wherever economies such are mine are molded according to the passions of the powers-that-be.

Thus, the K to 12 education program may very well be a sine qua no for the fulfillment of the government’s schedule of going the path in the globalization task, which has just made the nation vulnerable to the earth economic crisis and has produced the very catastrophe that plagues Philippine education. Each of our country went through various changes and development within the past few years. The continuous procedure made wonderful impacts inside the lives of millions of Filipinos. Relatively, all of the changes have provided us positive aspects not to mention the disadvantages it brought leading to downfall to numerous people.

There are many questions concerning the issues and problems existing in the Filipino Educational System as to how we can deal with it the simplest way we could to achieve that kind of quality of education we have been searching and longing for. Where do we start and how can we respond to these kinds of? Public universities are the building blocks of our societies. They can be considered our foundational instruments.

Although these spots of learning play significant roles, they are really unable to supply the best they will, due to their several flaws. Because I’ve been through different psychic readings and researches, questions had been arising in my mind as to what solutions are applicable in addressing the difficulties about the caliber of education, value, budget, mismatch, integration of sex education in the programs, R. A. 9710 (Magna Carta intended for Women) and also other concerns which are somehow related to it.

Let me always are a symbol of what I believe in according to my observations that we have great guidelines and policies about education but you may be wondering what is deficient is the ability to implement this sort of in accordance to the needs of each and every school, many which belong to the public education system. Generally, Philippine Education aims to provide quality and free education both intended for the primary and supplementary public universities but again this have not been observed and understood very well causing this to be a burden most especially towards the students and parents.

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